Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thank the Lord that we are on our way to recovery!

Thank the Lord that we are on our way to recovery! As many of you know, we've had a difficult bought with the flu...the worst was seeing our sweet, little Tressie not faring well...and once her fever reached a scary 105, Eric rushed her to the ER where they took such wonderful care of her, and I was told that she didn't even cry when given an IV! I stayed at home with our other two that were also fighting fevers, and we kept in very close contact that evening/morning! Once I knew that they had made it there safely and that Tressie was enjoying being the center of attention down there, I was able to rest a little more easily; however, it was one of the worst nights...I'm so thankful for our God-given health and our educated doctors, medicines, etc.

So now that we are doing much better, I'm thankful for all of that snuggle time that we all had together! For a while we had our little infirmary going in the family room with the sleeper sofa pulled out to sleep three, and Annie claimed the two wing-back chairs that we had pushed together to sleep one...that left one person to stand watch! Yes, looking back, it was a sweet time to pray, love and take care of one another; nap whenever one wanted to do so; wake up whenever one wanted to do so; answer the door unashamedly in our jammies; enjoy a pharmacy that delivers; watch TV Land until "paid programming"; watch the sunrise and then go to bed; receive such love from dear friends who called, sent lots of warm and comforting soup, popsicles, well-wishes, etc.; watch Christmas specials together...at least whoever was awake at the moment! I awoke on the sleeper sofa one afternoon to learn that I had missed a whole tractor-pulling competition that Eric and Annie had enjoyed watching with one another! Man...I would have like that too! (For those of you who REALLY know me, know that I'm not kidding; for those of you who don't know me that well, I know...it's shocking! But it still wouldn't have beat a Monster Truck Show! Still...shocking to some of you, I know!)

And now getting back to "normal" requires our hitting the re-set button on our home...it looks like a bomb has gone off! Is there such a thing as a laundry bomb? Throughout this bought with illness not only has our laundry room sprawled outside of the laundry room, but I had to have a thyroid ultrasound and later another test requiring my taking a radioactive pill...and once I returned, Eric anxiously asked if there was anything that I needed to avoid, and I told him that the only thing that the doctors said was that I was to stay clear of anything that contained laundry detergents!

So now that we're all getting back to "normal," we've all been SO anxious to be healthy in time for Christmas!!! So every night Eric has been lining us up to take our temps, and poor Eric has been worked like a dog, but he hasn't truly been taken down with the flu (maybe worn out from being so tired, but that's been it)! And every single night he's been registering a fever of 99.4 every time...as well as the rest of us! Well, tonight he had it, and he got out our really old thermometer, slapped thermo. covers and made us all line up again....and this time we were all barely reading a 98, so I think that we're officially safe to be around... Woohoo!!!!! And that it's safe to say that we wore that thermometer out!! We went through 93 thermometer covers, two bottles of children's Tylenol, two and a half bottles of children's Motrin, 2 bottles of coughing medicine, 20 oz. of rubbing alcohol, 2 huge cans of Lysol, 1 canister of Clorox wipes, three extra-large boxes of Kleenex, two antibiotics, and one great thermometer!

For those that kept checking on us...thank you SO much for your notes, phone calls, yummy food, and most of all your love and prayers! Our prayer is for everyone else's health as well!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hawiien Coctal

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything, and yes...I need to catch up! However, on my desk I just came across a small piece of paper that's been torn out of a spiral bound notebook, and it took me a while to be able to read it (some of us are still working on our penmanship and spelling!), but I just had to share... it's a recipe for a Hawaiian Cocktail!

Hawiien Coctal
1 cup pinapple
1/2 cup wine with 1 tsp limon jice
Blind til smooth; surv and say Yum!

Now I just can't wait until morning when I can ask what's this cocktail recipe and who's makin' it for Momma?!? Yes, we've had a busy last few weeks, and yes, momma could use a cocktail...and yes, perhaps the girls have been watching a little too much Food Network!