Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What on earth?!?

What on earth?!?
Obama has taken the American flag off of the tail of his 757 which he is using to campaign in Jordan...yes, you read that correctly! What other American president looks for votes in Europe?
I REALLY hope that I get to hear an explanation for this one! If this is a sign to come...I'm a little unnerved!



Monday, July 28, 2008

We are so worn out!

We're dropping like flies over here! The girls are just exhausted from staying up too late and doing a little too much; and for a couple of days Tressie has been complaining about her ears' hurting her (I've made her an appt. with the pediatrician, but as far as I can remember, she has never had an ear infection, but I know that her daddy had several when he was a child); and my pleurisy is acting up again...momma can't do too much when she can't breathe well! And poor Eric's just worn out!

Thankfully, supper's already made, so I don't have to think about that! I try to always prepare more food than we need on Sundays when we have friends over for dinner...just so that I don't have to think about supper on Monday nights, for Mondays are our detox days (we're in detox from having our daddy stay at home with us for the weekend as well as fun doing this and that!)

After we return from the pediatrician's office and the library, it's back to getting the house ready for another school year's kick-off! Woohoo! (There's nothing else better than the smell of a fresh, new notebook!) I'll start my 39th load of laundry, and then continue trying to implement the best new set-up for our family/home-school room. This year I've decided to put a round dining table and an extra bookcase at the end of the family room. And then when we're not snuggled together on the sofa by the fireplace, we can be using this new area for games, artwork, puzzles, etc!

Hopefully, we can pull ourselves back together quickly so Momma can begin getting the 'new' room ready, for we're looking forward to crackin' open some of these new books that we've bought!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Free "Paper Sloyd" book!

Who doesn't remember creating 'cootie catchers' in elementary school?!? Wasn't that fun?!?

Well, I just learned about a much more sophisticated (ooh-la-la!) way to teach the art of paper folding, i.e. encouraging a little added touch of industrial/technical education.

I have just been introduced to a really great new site...Homeschool Freebie. And this morning when I checked the site, today's (July 23rd) download is "Paper Sloyd" by Ednah Anne Rich (in the form of a PDF ebook)! All you have to do is click here and "save as" to your computer!

In addition to finding this great book (very beautifully done in the early 1900's), there are a lot of other great books that one can download (in a PDF file) for free!

This will be a site that I'll begin checking often! For any that know me, know that when one calls something a type of 'craft' project, my blood pressure immediately starts to rise...for this is an area which I lack (not in creativity but patience!), for too many bits of paper and chaos can cause me to flip out! Yes, a little OCD comes into play!

But after saying a prayer today for patience and grace, we are going to enjoy reading "Paper Sloyd" as we embrace the art of paper folding!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Spending the day at Antiques Roadshow!

OH, what a fun day we had at the Antiques Roadshow! From now on, whenever I'll think of the show, I'll think of how much fun we had and just how well organized they are!

Craig and I got up at the crack of dawn, drove over to our friend's home to get our tickets (that Dan and Paula so graciously gave to us! THANK YOU!) and drove to the convention center to begin looking for a parking spot! Well, we pulled into the parking garage that wasn't full yet, parked, got our things out, and walked right in! It was as easy as that!

We never really had the opportunity to even sit down in the camping chairs that I brought for the two of us! The area was so well organized that when we walked inside, they glanced at our tickets and put us in the 8:00 row, which was the earliest time-slot. We realized that our tickets must have been specially marked since they were given to our friend by one of the producers, for everyone else's tickets were marked for a specific time (8:00, 9:00, 10:00,...), and everyone was placed in the appropriate roped-off line...which all moved rather quickly! It was so much fun to watch what everyone else had brought, how they had wrapped it to protect it, and how they were delivering it (wagon, wheelbarrow, rolling chair, etc.)! Then once we got to the top of that line, we were told to shut off all cell phones and to put away all cameras as we were escorted into another area. All of the action...as well as the appraisers... are inside an inner circle, so each person is personally escorted to the particular line which is right on the outside of the "inner circle." So for example, one is escorted to the 'rugs & textiles' line (or a line for toys, metal works, clocks, books & manuscripts, etc.), and then one waits until it is their turn to step inside the "inner circle" where the appraisers are, and they literally spend less than 2 minutes with each person per item. So the entire process happened quite quickly, and there was never an opportunity to set our things down and/or relax, for again...each line moved rather quickly!

It was so well-organized that they spun us in, and they spun us out!

And before we knew it, we knew exactly what we were 'worth'! My great-grandmother's wedding purse was appraised at $50 due to its worn condition; yet I did learn something new...I have always been told that the fabric that has always been with the purse was the lining of the purse; however, it is actually the hat band that my great-grandfather wore at their wedding....so that information makes my item priceless!

And Eric's Shakespearean book that I took for him wasn't even valued....

[Cue Debbie Downer's "Wa Wa Waaaa!"]

Urghhh...the appraiser told us that Shakespeare's books are published second-only to the Bible; so simply because of supply and demand, Shakespearean books aren't as valuable as people often think that they are! And the fact that this book once belonged to Massachusetts's attorney general in the mid 1800's wasn't important at all. I just hated coming home to tell Eric this! Oh, well, something new was learned!

And Craig's great-grandmother's crewel handiwork was valued at $450-$600! Of course, it's also priceless to her and her family!

So let me ask...what would you have taken?!?

So after we finished, we set up our chairs and enjoyed some people-watching, but the temperature was so low in that huge arena that we just couldn't stay seated for too long. We could only stand the cold for about an hour or so; then we walked around some more and entered Craig into a 'video-diary-confession' (that's only what I jokingly call it!); she went into a 'room' and stated her name, city, and a brief description about what she had brought to the show. She did an excellent job, and it was so much fun watching her and seeing and hearing the joy in her face and voice. Hopefully, they'll place her video on the TV show (to be aired in Spring 2009) or on their website...wouldn't that be great?!?

Later that evening, Eric and I and the girls had a very special dinner with two very lovely people! If they aren't perfect for one another, then knock me over now! The evening was such a sweet, sweet time! It has been sooo amazing to watch God's hand in both of their lives! And we can't wait to see Him continue to reveal His plan to them both!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Today on Antiques Roadshow, we'll have...!"

Life here is so busy, yet God still gives us those little surprises! Well, I think this is a huge one...today, I'm off to the Antiques Roadshow! I can't believe it, but late last night, our friend Dan called and offered us two tickets to the show, which is here in town! He said that his wife remembered my saying how much I would have liked to have been able to go, and I don't even remember speaking to her about it! (Urghh...that thyroid of mine! Man, am I glad that Paula can remember things!) But the Lord (and Paula!) knew how much I wanted to get a sneak-peak inside!

Well, Dan was given these tickets by an old friend of his from high-school, which is now one of the Antique Roadshow's producers! And Dan said that his only motive was just being able to catch up with his friend, and he did that last night at a special party, so he gave us his tickets!
Eric really wanted to go, but he has a lot of work to do today from home, so he EVER-SO-SWEETLY has offered to stay at home with the girls (oooh, I'm praying that they'll stay busy and quiet so he can get his work done!), and I'm taking Miss Craig with me...she's one of my 'bestest' friends, who is 85, and Antiques Roadshow is just about all she talks about (even when the show isn't in town!), so I called and offered to take her...I thought she was go to have a heart attack from her shock and excitement! The only thing....she wants to get there before the doors open! Aghhh!

I'm taking my great-great grandmother's wedding purse and an old Shakespearean book of Eric's! I'll post the details and the rest of the story, when I get a chance! (I sure hope that my things DON'T get me on TV!)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Here's to two of my favorite boys...
Happy Birthday, Ricci!
Happy Birthday, Drewby!
I love you both tons and bunches!!!

Cow Appreciation Day at Chicka-flicka!

Where else can one walk into a restaurant dressed like a ...well, a cow...and be rewarded with an indulgent meal (fried in peanut oil, none the less!) for free?!?
Chicka-flicka, of course! Oooh, it's so good!

Once the girls awoke, I told them that it was "Cow Appreciation Day" at Chick-fil-A, and it was all over! Two of them were begging to go, so the 'younger two' immediately got dressed up in their cow-chic attire! And the eldest...well, we're entering that pre-teen stage where we'd like to do it, but we're not sure that we'll feel comfortable doing it!

Annie, of course, wanted to dress in her horse costume (we explained that wouldn't pass!), so she then brought me some cow-print pants and a plain white t-shirt which we drew some black spots on it with a black sharpie...that seemed to work well! And Tressie put on a cute Dalmatian outfit; and Macy and I cut out white spots to put onto our black t-shirts (which neither of us put on once we arrived at the restaurant!), and the girls and I went through our things to design us some fine cow-attire with some of Aunt May's and Aunt Carolyn's older jewelry! I thought we looked pretty good...very haute couture! Enough spots to pass, yet not too many to completely embarrass ourselves!
Yes, this is a day when the fine line gets blurred of "fashion before function"!

Friday, July 11, 2008

30-day challenge to "Pray for Your Husband!"

This past June's calendar was absolutely chaotic, and July hasn't seemed to be much slower! So I haven't had much time to settle down and blog about much; however, I did think that this was 'blog-worthy'!

I can't remember exactly who sent this website to me, but I did sign up to take the 30 day "Pray for your husband" challenge, and I did find it to be really encouraging and inspiring! There is also a 30-day challenge to "Pray for your pastor/pastor's wife" as well as a 30-day TV-free challenge...um, we're still enjoying our heavily discounted tivo...so I'm not quite ready to take that challenge!

If you're interested in participating, it's super easy...they'll either send you a daily email or you may print out the daily challenges! I really enjoyed them, and I think you will too!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

June's out! July's in!

My 'baby' is now officially 9 1/2! We're getting too close to double-digits!!! Aghh!

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Angel Wings!
Mommy and Daddy love you dearly and are sooo proud of you!

As well as my disbelief in Mae-Mae's age, I also can't believe that the summer is already more than half over! Where has time gone?!?
And as busy as June was for our family, July doesn't look much more promising for lazy days of summer! Before I knew it, we were planning our annual Pops in the Park holiday concert with friends and packing up for getting 'just the right spot' to set up our elaborate table of yummy food! (Yes, I packed everything but the kitchen sink...and my camera, so when I get photos from Kendall, I'll be sure to post them!)
Update: here are Kendall's photos!
It was a lovely Thursday evening spent with close friends, and it was also fun to run into friends that we haven't seen in a long time! And the fireworks were spectacular as always!

On the 4th of July, we thoroughly enjoyed a leisurely day with our little family, playing in the garden and running around town. We did have plans to make it out to the Dubles for their annual picnic, but we never made it...oops! That evening the Stephens, Rob & RC joined us for a little party over on the bluff to watch some fun fireworks and hear Jen Daniels play, whom our family dearly loves!
Then Saturday morning, I was awakened by a terrible realization that the pain that I had been having for a couple of days when I'd try to take a deep breath...that pain wasn't going to go away! So after trying to decide what to do, RC came and picked up the girls so Eric could take me to the hospital. Yes, they asked, "This has been going on how long and you're just now coming in here?" Well, we learned that it was just pleurisy, and I was able to go back home with some lovely horse pills (strong ibuprofen!) and some pain killer, which I still haven't taken, for you won't see me for several days! So that evening, my more-than-precious husband took care of me and the house, for the next morning we had extremely important social matters!
After church we had the pleasure of spending time with the Witchers and the Newtons, two of the sweetest families who are also getting to know one another. (E'hem) Knowing that we had had a long week (and rough evening), RC brought the yummiest blackberry and peach cobbler...and me a bunch of gorgeous roses! So sweet! And the Witchers surprised the girls with individually wrapped gifts...and one for me as well. They are all so incredibly precious! No wonder where Rob learned the gift of 'not coming to one's home empty handed'! It was like Christmas! Lunch was so delicious (and I can say so myself, for Eric did most of the work!); it's one of our favorite meals to serve...Ricci grilled the mustard-glazed pork tenderloin, and we served it with roasted potatoes with rosemary, steamed broccoli, and our usual bleu cheese mixed baby green salad; then RC, Macy, and Tress served the cobbler and ice-cream, and I was able to use my new Irish coffee mugs! Oh, it was such a fun afternoon!
So now if I can just get a deep breath, for it appears that not only June but also July's off to a bang!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fun spending time w/ friends, new and old alike!

This past Saturday was a dear day for our good friend, RC, so she and I enjoyed getting out to spend "just you and me time" with one another! We did quite a bit of shopping, had a yummy lunch at Panera (I had their Baked Potato Soup and Strawberry Poppyseed Salad....it's made with fresh strawberries and blueberries, pineapple, Mandarin oranges, pecans and fat-free poppyseed dressing! I can't wait to re-create it here at home!), and then we went to see the movie, BabyMama, which I had been wanting to see for quite some time! It's hysterical! Yes, the humor at times would be slightly off-color for mixed company, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that the many previews hadn't shown all of the hysterical parts in the film, as I was afraid would have happened!

Then after the movie, we did a little more shopping, and then we went home to rest before regrouping together with the guys for a rematch of MadGab. Of course, Eric and I gave it our best, but we still 'let them win' in light of being gracious hosts! But before we 'let them win' we had homemade pizzas, and while we were cleaning up after dinner, I just had to run and grab the camera when I saw Rob sitting with the girls as they had convinced him to read them 'just one more' story! It was so sweet!

Aside from his allowing them to hang out the side windows of his Beemer (hairbows flappin' in the wind and all!), the girls love him dearly!

Then on Sunday we had some new friends over for dinner! But first, a little back-story....last Sunday at church, we sat behind the cutest family! Their 2nd to youngest son, Calvin, kept peeking around to give me a face that would melt my heart...and those huge, brown eyes! As if they weren't enough to melt a girl's heart...his older brother and sister have them too! Then baby Silas...he's too cute for his own good...but with huge, blue eyes! So as soon as church was finished, we introduced ourselves to them...only to learn that we had met them before! So this week we gladly had them come over to eat after church! And all I have to say is that those kids are just as beautiful and well-mannered on the inside as they are on the outside! It's been a treat to get to know them once more! Their kiddos each have us wrapped around their little fingers already!