Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Today on Antiques Roadshow, we'll have...!"

Life here is so busy, yet God still gives us those little surprises! Well, I think this is a huge, I'm off to the Antiques Roadshow! I can't believe it, but late last night, our friend Dan called and offered us two tickets to the show, which is here in town! He said that his wife remembered my saying how much I would have liked to have been able to go, and I don't even remember speaking to her about it! (Urghh...that thyroid of mine! Man, am I glad that Paula can remember things!) But the Lord (and Paula!) knew how much I wanted to get a sneak-peak inside!

Well, Dan was given these tickets by an old friend of his from high-school, which is now one of the Antique Roadshow's producers! And Dan said that his only motive was just being able to catch up with his friend, and he did that last night at a special party, so he gave us his tickets!
Eric really wanted to go, but he has a lot of work to do today from home, so he EVER-SO-SWEETLY has offered to stay at home with the girls (oooh, I'm praying that they'll stay busy and quiet so he can get his work done!), and I'm taking Miss Craig with me...she's one of my 'bestest' friends, who is 85, and Antiques Roadshow is just about all she talks about (even when the show isn't in town!), so I called and offered to take her...I thought she was go to have a heart attack from her shock and excitement! The only thing....she wants to get there before the doors open! Aghhh!

I'm taking my great-great grandmother's wedding purse and an old Shakespearean book of Eric's! I'll post the details and the rest of the story, when I get a chance! (I sure hope that my things DON'T get me on TV!)

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Anonymous said...

Things sure look valuable! But, would you cash in? I'm not sure I would.