Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Golden Compass - Please don't support it!

Most of you have already heard about or read about the movie Golden Compass. Not only is it blasphemous...well, enough said...basically, please don't go see it! To find out why...click the link below.
I do hope that this movie is not supported...at this time it's still "not yet rated."


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Annie and her buddy

As much as I love the days that have gone by as well as the present, sometimes I dream of a glimpse into our future!

I love our girls for so many different reasons; however, our little Annie is one complex being! She is so rough and tough, so active, yet so caring and gentle.

She has made a life-long friend at church, SeƱor Ephraim, who is extremely quiet at church; however, little Annie and he have the sweetest relationship. As soon as church is over, they both make a beeline for the area where they can sit and visit...they color, build paper airplanes, talk about their week past as well as their week to come.

They are both so blessed to have the sweet friendship that they do!