Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer means Vacation Bible School!

Oh, how much fun Vacation Bible School is! The girls absolutely love it, and I've had the nice opportunities to accomplish some errands, do some shopping, have coffee (or my new summer favorite, which is a Starbucks' Iced Caffè Mocha w/ soy! Thanks, RC and Kristin!) with friends, visit friends or even a shopping spree with my hubby! The first day I will admit that I was a little 'off my game' while I was out running errands alone...every time I would walk back to the car, I would naturally hit the 'unlock' button and then proceed to hit the button to open the sliding door for the girls....then I'd remember that they weren't with me! Habit, I guess! But I have really been surprised at how focused I have been while out running errands/shopping! Instead of going to Sams every other week to get this and that (which I forgot from the previous shopping trip), I think we're set for at least a month!

And in the evenings we've also had the fun of enjoying a second VBS with friends of ours from our 'other' church (as the girls call it). It was open to the community, so it was great to see old/new friends all come together for a nice evening of story-telling, good food, music and fun! Cricket-spittin', Peanut-butter Moonpies (yeah...they're new!), and all!

Of course, "it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt"...I mean, ill. We seem to be taking turns sharing a lovely little summer-time cold/allergy that's not enough to cause any alarm but enough to take the joy out of one's evening at a person at a time. Tressie's over it; Macy's in the midst of it; and (if I were a bettin' lady, then) I'd bet that Annie's about to come down with it! For yesterday when we were dropping Macy off at a swimming birthday party, Annie began to let her spirits sink when she began thinking three things:
  1. she wanted to go to the party as well
  2. she hasn't been able to gather enough snow to build a really big snowman, and....
  3. she fears that she'll never-ever have the opportunity to ride a real lion!
All in all, it's been an extremely busy yet enjoyable week...and it's not over yet! Eric and I (along with about ten other couples) are hosting some close friends' surprise 49th wedding anniversary! Congrats, Booie and Cici!

Monday, June 23, 2008

My baby's birthday....she's 5 & 1/2!!!

I can't believe it, but my baby is now 5 1/2! I know that's crazy-talk, but it's true!
And yes...we do celebrate half birthdays! With multiple December birthdays being tossed at us right in the height of all the Christmas hype, several years ago we began the tradition of celebrating one's 1/2 birthday! Yes, we do get strange looks when the honoree tells the waiter/ess that it's their 1/2 birthday, but then they look at us again and say, "I wish I could do that!" And once again this year, T-Fran was delivered a lovely dessert for her and her sisters when RC and I took them out to celebrate!
It does seem like she was just born yesterday, but then again...I can't remember life without her! She does seem all grown up now...I don't have to buckle her into her carseat or cut up her food for her or help her get dressed! She just loves to play dress-up, have tea parties, help me entertain...and most importantly she loves to help me keep house! Her dreams and aspirations (in her words today!) are to become:
  1. a wife

  2. a momma

  3. a hair dresser and.....

  4. a giraffe-walker!

Could there be a cuter list?!? We are so immensely proud of you, sweet T-Fran!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Ricci!

It's been a wonderful wedding anniversary already! Ricci and I have been married for twelve years now...and each year seems to be only be getting better and better!

Earlier this week, one of our dearest friends, RC, knew that it was getting close to our wedding anniversary, so she told me that she wanted to watch the girls to allow Eric and I to go out alone together. I told her that would be wonderful, but this week we were being so rushed to do this and that. Then we received a phone call that my Aunt Rachel had passed away. So we cancelled most of our weekend plans, thinking that we would travel to LA (lower Alabama) to attend the wake and funeral. Then after we sat down and really forced ourselves to make a decision, we decided that it would wiser to stay at home now and travel down there when there would be fewer people around the rest of the we stayed here. Then sweet, dear RC called to ask what we had decided to do, and when I told her that we were going to stay at home, she said that she was coming to get the girls and have dinner with them. What a wonderful, thoughtful friend she is!

So when I told Eric, he made us some reservations, came home early, brought me some beautiful flowers, and we headed out to dinner to Canyon Grill. Once we were seated, we immediately cracked open one of 'my' favorite bottles of wine from our favorite winery that mom and dad left with us as a hostess gift last weekend....oooh, thanks again! Then as we were enjoying our rajas, french bread and wine while awaiting our supper, we had to laugh out loud when some of our best friends were seated next to us! Of course, we got our 'usuals' chicken with capers (extra capers), garlic green beans and yellow squash...and Eric's grilled chicken with roasted red-pepper sauce, grilled portobello mushrooms and fried okra. Then our favorite bread pudding with a yummy bourbon sauce.'s all so good!

After a while, Kendall & Shelley and Eric & I grew tired of communicating from table to table, so we ended up sitting together and began planning the rest of our evening! So after making plans to get two of our other good friends to join us (who brought our girls with them), we were off to the world's largest single screen outdoor theater!

It was such a wonderful evening...the drive winding down the mountain gave us a glimpse here and there of a spectacular sunset, and the weather was magnificent with a gentle breeze that often brought a slight chill! It was a perfect June evening! Now this was the first time that I can ever recall having gone to a drive-in movie (Momma, you can correct me, if I'm wrong!), but we had a blast...and I was probably too excited to even 'get' the whole movie (which was Get Smart). But we pulled out camping chairs, set out some blankets on the ground for the girls, turned on the car radios, and had a blast! I can not wait to go back again!

It's official; I'm now a "Postie"!

After submitting my blog with PayPerPost once before, my blog was turned down...wahhh... for I was hoping for the opportunity to be paid to blog. So after taking a good amount of time (along with lots of Ricci's help!) I made the recommended corrections, and guess what?!? My blog was finally approved! So now I'm a 'postie'! Woohoo!

I was shocked when Eric told me that there was an opportunity out there like opportunity to get paid for blogging! In addition to stories about our everyday life (stories that I want to remember), I'll include a few product reviews on different companies, websites and services. I'm really looking forward to this new relationship/job role, and I eagerly await the new income that I will use to purchase my new dream camera....for more photos/blog postings! And just to let you know... my blog will not become a place where I will pursue blog marketing full time or turn it into a's just something new that I'm going to try!

It's been so much fun to receive postings from friends (new and old alike) from around the globe that have enjoyed hearing what/how we've been doing. I clearly remember the first time that I 'witnessed' someone communicate via computer with a friend on the other side of the world! Of course, this was in college in the early 90's, and my best friend, Charissa, and I were dumb-founded that that was possible, and now here she and I are...she's in Australia, and I'm here; so other than a rare phone call between the two of us, we communicate mainly by the Internet! (Hey, Chrissy!)'s to you, me and my new adventure! And uh, hopefully, my new camera fund!

A fun Father's Day weekend!

I just love my parents so...and I'm ever-so-thankful that my husband feels the same for them; and my entire family loves him just the same! So back in May, we began asking them to come up here for their 2nd annual Father's day weekend! When they agreed that they would come, I warned them that I was writing them onto our calendar with Sharpie (and not pencil!), so when daddy had some oral surgery done, I told mom to finish packing his bags and get him on up here! Of course, we all felt horribly that dad didn't feel well, but we still had a great time laughing and just spending time with one another! One reason why he went ahead and came on up was because I told him that he wasn't able to see the Indiana Jones movie without me (to this day, I've never been to an Indiana Jones movie without him, and I told him that I didn't plan on starting now!), and he wanted to see it, so he just had to come on up here!

They arrived late on Thursday evening, and I did meet the poor guy as he was getting out of his car with a green-tea strawberry smoothie, and after a short visit, a quick bite to eat, we all went to bed...for we had a busy weekend ahead! After a leisurely breakfast, the fellas (and Annie) went out to the property while us gals went shopping and out to lunch at Taco Roc. After we all returned home, (poor dad!) we had him back up and out the door (pain meds and all), for that was the only evening that we would be able to go and see our movie! So after getting the girls settled, the two couples went off for a quick bite to eat at Sugar's (I really wanted Dad to try the grilled okra and the south-of-seoul slaw) before going to the movie theatre! We so enjoy each other's company, so there's no surprise that all of our laughter had my jaw aching too!

Saturday morning, we enjoyed another leisurely breakfast, and RC came over to help mom and I make some plum jelly...that was a lot of fun; we felt so domestic! Then the girls all ran off to an estate sale, which we then had to call the guys over to join us! There were some great things there, and as the sky dropped a few raindrops, the owners began to drop some prices! Woohoo! We bought quite a few treasures before heading over to a used book sale that I had wanted to be sure to get to do! Well, we arrived there late (no big surprise there!), so once again the prices were dropping drastically! So once again...we got some real deals! Since we were all a little hungry, we all drove over to Taco Roc again...and Jesús, the owner, greeted us and even took his time to go and get some tamarind for us to try (the ripened fruit is really good to eat...but I really don't care for the drink!); then the guys went off in one direction while the girls went and got some last minute things for our Father's day dinner the following day! Once we returned home, we made some more plum jelly and also some orange hummus (for Uncle Eddie for Father's day!), and once the fellas came home (I know this is awful, but...!) we dragged Dad back out the door to go and have supper with Aunt Jan and Uncle Eddie! It was great to see them (it's been almost two months since we've seen them)!

The next morning, Mimi and the girls and I served a really yummy breakfast (if I do say so myself! for the daddies out on the front porch. We gave them their gifts, and then we had to hurry to make it to church on time! Miss Craig and Rob came over for Sunday dinner, then we did spend a little time resting before heading back out the door for evening worship. Afterward, RC came over and hung out with us gals while the fellas hung out on the porch with Jason, who brought over a big spread of hors d'oeuvres and different samplings of scotch.

I hated to see the weekend come to an end; we all did! We had a great time...just spending time with one another! Perhaps I can convince daddy that he never even came...since he was having to take some pain killers for his pain...then perhaps they'll come back sooner than later! Yep...I think I'm going to at least try it!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

June is for daylillies, weddings, and fun!

I just love that God gave us different seasons to enjoy (He must have known that we'd grumble even more if we had to live with the same temp/light every, single day!), and along with these seasons I love the different blooming cycles of different plants, trees, flowers,...! April brings us an amazing show with the azaleas, and in May I love to see the Roses of Sharon come alive while in June the daylillies give their daily spectacular displays of color!

The beautiful daylillies that are seen on every corner and in every yard are one of my reminders of the week of our wedding in June of 1996! And this June it was such a joy to be a part of another special wedding, the marriage of Tom and Ivey! After many prayers for Ivey's perfect match, she lolled in fove with her prandsom hince! There were lovely bridal showers, and then the day finally arrived!
The day of the rehearsal arrived, and it was such a joy to get dressed up to join the two lovely families that were happily merging together! What a perfect evening it was for the outdoor rehearsal dinner, and if the toasts didn't have us crying from laughing then we were crying for joy!

Dr. Phil and Tressie taking a spin on the dance-floor!

With twenty flower girls and two adorable ring bearers, the wedding was more than special! What an honor to have that many little girls' looking up to dear Ivey...the children were from Ivey's Sunday School class, Tom's family, and our gals.

A fun slideshow!

Although that weekend will also always be synonymous with the word "heat wave," that day could not have been more lovely! The reception was held at the bride's family's home, and it was hotter than hot, but it was unbelievably wonderful! There was a 21-piece orchestra, lots of dancing, such great food, and we all indulged ourselves in more than enough sweet tea (I did accidentally gulp down a glass of champagne...oops! Oh, was too hot to matter!)

Thank you, Tom & Ivey, for allowing us to be such a special part of such a glorious day! Ivey, God has truly blessed you with the desires of your heart; Tom is just what you ordered [;)]! And Tom...take care of our girl! We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know your family! Thanks for such a wonderful day!

Monday, June 16, 2008


Caughtcha, you little booger!
Yep, I think you're pretty cute, but get off'a there!
This little fella has mastered the art of climbing up the side of the house, hopping on the screen and having his way with my bird-feeder...yeah, it's a "bird" feeder! The girls and I have to regularly go out and 'vasoline' down the poles that have our feeders on them, so that the chipmunks and squirrels will not take away all of the 'bird'seed! I have to admit that it's pretty funny to watch them go about their normal routine of hopping onto the pole and then being shocked when they slide back down it...they'll immediately show a look of disgust as they try to wipe their little paws off in the grass. It's pretty hard not to laugh at them!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Well, it's once again Father's Day, a day that we set aside to honor our earthly fathers who have gone before us, reared us, and taught us well. Just the same as last year, I have the most amazing father, and I'm so thankful that he loves his two sons-in-laws as if they're his own as well; I'll adore him forever!

So once again this year Vision Forum emailed an encouragement to their subscribers for us to love our Heavenly Father by honoring our earthly fathers, and below I'm giving you the link for the poem that they sent once again this year...I just love it so!

The Patriarch by Douglas W. Phillips

Then a friend sent me this poem, which is likewise just as good.

The Bridge Builder by Will A. Dromgoole

I'd love to read this to my daddy on Father's Day, but I can already see the look on his face when I would keep reading aloud, "old man; his gray old head; etc.," [;)]! I do think this is a wonderful poem; it's so exemplary of the covenantal family....God's rich blessings upon generations of obedient, faithful followers of Him.

Until today, I don't believe this poet's name (Will A. Dromgoole [1860-1934]) was familiar to me, but after doing a little research on her, I think I would have loved to have met this Will Allen Dromgoole, a female from Murfreesboro, TN.

Here are a few links for info. on her: (this is a really great site for those living in this area!)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Two things one can't live without...friends and flowers!

After a long week/end, I decided that my thyroid levels must be out-of-whack once more, for I could barely get out of bed, and I rested for most of the day on Sunday! Perhaps, we're just doing too much these days, but we surely can't stop now! Ivey's wedding is next week!

So after doing this and that during the day, I ran over to return some borrowed gardening tools to a good friend of mine (who sent them back home with me....she's so generous!), and that sweet thing sent me home with three huge bucketfuls of luscious, green perennials! She divided her Black-eyed Susans, Obedience Plant (just lovely when in bloom!), and a new aster that I've never had, Stokesia Aster! Of course, Eric new that he was in for another little project, when I pulled into the driveway and asked to borrow a shovel! (We're going to be such a great older couple [as if we aren't now!], for we do love to garden together!) I was really eager about getting my new gifts into the ground as soon as possible, so we did, and they love their new home!

Thanks, Elaine, from the bottom of my heart! I will always cherish our friendship as well as these lovely perennials!

Monday, June 02, 2008

"The Mole" is back!!

I can't wait...The Mole is back! It's been so long since it aired, so probably no one remembers the show (or even watched it!) but Eric and me!

It's hard to believe that the first two editions of The Mole (hosted by Anderson Cooper, who was great...for no one can read him!) were aired 2001 and 2002...that seems so long ago...but my favorite seasons were the Celebrity Mole's (hosted by Ahmad Rashad, who was also great, for he shows his emotions on his sleeve!) in 2003 and 2004.

With a slight concern of recommending anything these days, I recommend this show, for it's somewhat a blend of Amazing Race (with the different missions and locations) and Survivor (with the social aspects and competitions)! For some reason, it's going to be aired pretty late (10:00)...perhaps that what's concerning me...for I remember thinking of it as a family show!), so we'll more than likely watch it at that time for the first episode...then perhaps tivo the later episodes to watch on our own time...and/or let the kids watch it as well, edited if need be.

I REALLY hope that this show lives up to its great past!