Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Two things one can't live without...friends and flowers!

After a long week/end, I decided that my thyroid levels must be out-of-whack once more, for I could barely get out of bed, and I rested for most of the day on Sunday! Perhaps, we're just doing too much these days, but we surely can't stop now! Ivey's wedding is next week!

So after doing this and that during the day, I ran over to return some borrowed gardening tools to a good friend of mine (who sent them back home with me....she's so generous!), and that sweet thing sent me home with three huge bucketfuls of luscious, green perennials! She divided her Black-eyed Susans, Obedience Plant (just lovely when in bloom!), and a new aster that I've never had, Stokesia Aster! Of course, Eric new that he was in for another little project, when I pulled into the driveway and asked to borrow a shovel! (We're going to be such a great older couple [as if we aren't now!], for we do love to garden together!) I was really eager about getting my new gifts into the ground as soon as possible, so we did, and they love their new home!

Thanks, Elaine, from the bottom of my heart! I will always cherish our friendship as well as these lovely perennials!

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