Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's official; I'm now a "Postie"!

After submitting my blog with PayPerPost once before, my blog was turned down...wahhh... for I was hoping for the opportunity to be paid to blog. So after taking a good amount of time (along with lots of Ricci's help!) I made the recommended corrections, and guess what?!? My blog was finally approved! So now I'm a 'postie'! Woohoo!

I was shocked when Eric told me that there was an opportunity out there like opportunity to get paid for blogging! In addition to stories about our everyday life (stories that I want to remember), I'll include a few product reviews on different companies, websites and services. I'm really looking forward to this new relationship/job role, and I eagerly await the new income that I will use to purchase my new dream camera....for more photos/blog postings! And just to let you know... my blog will not become a place where I will pursue blog marketing full time or turn it into a's just something new that I'm going to try!

It's been so much fun to receive postings from friends (new and old alike) from around the globe that have enjoyed hearing what/how we've been doing. I clearly remember the first time that I 'witnessed' someone communicate via computer with a friend on the other side of the world! Of course, this was in college in the early 90's, and my best friend, Charissa, and I were dumb-founded that that was possible, and now here she and I are...she's in Australia, and I'm here; so other than a rare phone call between the two of us, we communicate mainly by the Internet! (Hey, Chrissy!)'s to you, me and my new adventure! And uh, hopefully, my new camera fund!

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More, more, more! Love reading this blog!