Monday, June 23, 2008

My baby's birthday....she's 5 & 1/2!!!

I can't believe it, but my baby is now 5 1/2! I know that's crazy-talk, but it's true!
And yes...we do celebrate half birthdays! With multiple December birthdays being tossed at us right in the height of all the Christmas hype, several years ago we began the tradition of celebrating one's 1/2 birthday! Yes, we do get strange looks when the honoree tells the waiter/ess that it's their 1/2 birthday, but then they look at us again and say, "I wish I could do that!" And once again this year, T-Fran was delivered a lovely dessert for her and her sisters when RC and I took them out to celebrate!
It does seem like she was just born yesterday, but then again...I can't remember life without her! She does seem all grown up now...I don't have to buckle her into her carseat or cut up her food for her or help her get dressed! She just loves to play dress-up, have tea parties, help me entertain...and most importantly she loves to help me keep house! Her dreams and aspirations (in her words today!) are to become:
  1. a wife

  2. a momma

  3. a hair dresser and.....

  4. a giraffe-walker!

Could there be a cuter list?!? We are so immensely proud of you, sweet T-Fran!

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Anonymous said...

Giraff walker? What an imagination?! Children are a mirror image of what they see! You and your husband must be dynamite parents!