Monday, June 16, 2008


Caughtcha, you little booger!
Yep, I think you're pretty cute, but get off'a there!
This little fella has mastered the art of climbing up the side of the house, hopping on the screen and having his way with my bird-feeder...yeah, it's a "bird" feeder! The girls and I have to regularly go out and 'vasoline' down the poles that have our feeders on them, so that the chipmunks and squirrels will not take away all of the 'bird'seed! I have to admit that it's pretty funny to watch them go about their normal routine of hopping onto the pole and then being shocked when they slide back down it...they'll immediately show a look of disgust as they try to wipe their little paws off in the grass. It's pretty hard not to laugh at them!

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Anonymous said...

Such a cute photo. Someone had to sit pretty still to catch this one.