Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Ricci!

It's been a wonderful wedding anniversary already! Ricci and I have been married for twelve years now...and each year seems to be only be getting better and better!

Earlier this week, one of our dearest friends, RC, knew that it was getting close to our wedding anniversary, so she told me that she wanted to watch the girls to allow Eric and I to go out alone together. I told her that would be wonderful, but this week we were being so rushed to do this and that. Then we received a phone call that my Aunt Rachel had passed away. So we cancelled most of our weekend plans, thinking that we would travel to LA (lower Alabama) to attend the wake and funeral. Then after we sat down and really forced ourselves to make a decision, we decided that it would wiser to stay at home now and travel down there when there would be fewer people around the rest of the we stayed here. Then sweet, dear RC called to ask what we had decided to do, and when I told her that we were going to stay at home, she said that she was coming to get the girls and have dinner with them. What a wonderful, thoughtful friend she is!

So when I told Eric, he made us some reservations, came home early, brought me some beautiful flowers, and we headed out to dinner to Canyon Grill. Once we were seated, we immediately cracked open one of 'my' favorite bottles of wine from our favorite winery that mom and dad left with us as a hostess gift last weekend....oooh, thanks again! Then as we were enjoying our rajas, french bread and wine while awaiting our supper, we had to laugh out loud when some of our best friends were seated next to us! Of course, we got our 'usuals' chicken with capers (extra capers), garlic green beans and yellow squash...and Eric's grilled chicken with roasted red-pepper sauce, grilled portobello mushrooms and fried okra. Then our favorite bread pudding with a yummy bourbon sauce.'s all so good!

After a while, Kendall & Shelley and Eric & I grew tired of communicating from table to table, so we ended up sitting together and began planning the rest of our evening! So after making plans to get two of our other good friends to join us (who brought our girls with them), we were off to the world's largest single screen outdoor theater!

It was such a wonderful evening...the drive winding down the mountain gave us a glimpse here and there of a spectacular sunset, and the weather was magnificent with a gentle breeze that often brought a slight chill! It was a perfect June evening! Now this was the first time that I can ever recall having gone to a drive-in movie (Momma, you can correct me, if I'm wrong!), but we had a blast...and I was probably too excited to even 'get' the whole movie (which was Get Smart). But we pulled out camping chairs, set out some blankets on the ground for the girls, turned on the car radios, and had a blast! I can not wait to go back again!

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Eric said...

It was quite a fun and memorable evening. Thanks for putting up with me for all these years