Thursday, June 19, 2008

June is for daylillies, weddings, and fun!

I just love that God gave us different seasons to enjoy (He must have known that we'd grumble even more if we had to live with the same temp/light every, single day!), and along with these seasons I love the different blooming cycles of different plants, trees, flowers,...! April brings us an amazing show with the azaleas, and in May I love to see the Roses of Sharon come alive while in June the daylillies give their daily spectacular displays of color!

The beautiful daylillies that are seen on every corner and in every yard are one of my reminders of the week of our wedding in June of 1996! And this June it was such a joy to be a part of another special wedding, the marriage of Tom and Ivey! After many prayers for Ivey's perfect match, she lolled in fove with her prandsom hince! There were lovely bridal showers, and then the day finally arrived!
The day of the rehearsal arrived, and it was such a joy to get dressed up to join the two lovely families that were happily merging together! What a perfect evening it was for the outdoor rehearsal dinner, and if the toasts didn't have us crying from laughing then we were crying for joy!

Dr. Phil and Tressie taking a spin on the dance-floor!

With twenty flower girls and two adorable ring bearers, the wedding was more than special! What an honor to have that many little girls' looking up to dear Ivey...the children were from Ivey's Sunday School class, Tom's family, and our gals.

A fun slideshow!

Although that weekend will also always be synonymous with the word "heat wave," that day could not have been more lovely! The reception was held at the bride's family's home, and it was hotter than hot, but it was unbelievably wonderful! There was a 21-piece orchestra, lots of dancing, such great food, and we all indulged ourselves in more than enough sweet tea (I did accidentally gulp down a glass of champagne...oops! Oh, was too hot to matter!)

Thank you, Tom & Ivey, for allowing us to be such a special part of such a glorious day! Ivey, God has truly blessed you with the desires of your heart; Tom is just what you ordered [;)]! And Tom...take care of our girl! We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know your family! Thanks for such a wonderful day!

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