Monday, July 16, 2007

Stephy's Restaurant Review - Shenanigan's in Sewanee, TN

Shenanigan's in Sewanee, TN
"Atmosphere is laid-back...waaay laid back, as in the front porch or door isn't even standing straight!
Table and room decorations are at a minimum, as in you must have a minimum of sticky spots on your dining surface, a minimum of "lovelies" in the window sill...even THEY had apparently died from their experience there!
Food is surprisingly really palatable and even quite tasty.
Service is just barely (e'hem) "below" average, with little to no interest for the customer (or the sake of their health) who is peer-pressured with morbid curiosity of how to "bus their own table."
The only way that I would return as a happy customer is if they met me as I was getting out of my car with a nice, tall pitcher of whatever they have on tap (those selections did look good!) with a large, sippy straw. And I'd have to have enough "spirits" in me to not be able to notice the crooked, splintered entrance.
My recommendation for one that's considering visiting Shenanigan's is to be sure to BYOP (Bring Your Own Plate), stock up at Sam's or Costco with an abundant supply of Purell wipes for your hands, Clorox wipes for the tables, and stop by a local doctor for an updated tetanus shot!

With all of this said, I do highly recommend Jump Off Fall's Pizzeria, locally owned and operated by our one and only J and E! "Atmosphere, food, and service is impeccable! And I have to strongly suggest that one tries the Puttanesca and wide selection of organic juice boxes! When one's there, they feel as if they're family! Pets welcome."

Happy Birthday, Ricci!

It's Ricci's birthday! (And Dan's and AJ's!) Happy Birthday, fellas!

After seeing a great ad (see MY review in next post!) for an ecclectic restaurant and art gallery, Shenanigan's, which is located in Sewanee, TN, we took the scenic drive up to Monteagle for a relaxing afternoon and birthday lunch with J & E!

Aside from a terrible but hilarious lunch experience (I'd like to see their restaurant report card!), we had a wonderful time just being together. And we also had a great time touring the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, which was actually founded atop Lookout Mountain in 1857! It is so unbelievably beautiful that it reminds me of stepping back in time in a european setting! And it didn't help my euphoric feeling any, when we saw an adorable fawn bounding across the open lawn right in front of us!

Then we headed back to their house, and spent the rest of the day and evening just having fun and spending time together! Even Brody and Buddy had a good time playing Frisbee! After our traditional home-made pizza throwing contest, movie, and dessert, we jammied the girls and kissed J & E goodbye and made our trek back home!

We love our daddy and husband, and I hope that he knows we all wish that he had a wonderful birthday!