Monday, June 02, 2008

"The Mole" is back!!

I can't wait...The Mole is back! It's been so long since it aired, so probably no one remembers the show (or even watched it!) but Eric and me!

It's hard to believe that the first two editions of The Mole (hosted by Anderson Cooper, who was great...for no one can read him!) were aired 2001 and 2002...that seems so long ago...but my favorite seasons were the Celebrity Mole's (hosted by Ahmad Rashad, who was also great, for he shows his emotions on his sleeve!) in 2003 and 2004.

With a slight concern of recommending anything these days, I recommend this show, for it's somewhat a blend of Amazing Race (with the different missions and locations) and Survivor (with the social aspects and competitions)! For some reason, it's going to be aired pretty late (10:00)...perhaps that what's concerning me...for I remember thinking of it as a family show!), so we'll more than likely watch it at that time for the first episode...then perhaps tivo the later episodes to watch on our own time...and/or let the kids watch it as well, edited if need be.

I REALLY hope that this show lives up to its great past!

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