Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our newest, little neighbor!

We met our newest, little neighbor today! We have had several baby birds born in/around the house, and lately we've noticed more movement/sounds in a shrub which is right up against the side of our porch where we spend many hours. So I can only assume that there has been a particular bird that has been getting used to our voices and being around us.

And this afternoon while we were outside visiting with a friend, Rena Carolyn, who came by to pick something up, Annie was out playing in the yard and came face to face with this little fella who then flew down and settled onto the chair next to us. After a while, this little fella/o allowed Tressie to pet her, and it took just a few minutes more before we were all holding her...and of course, Macy was naming her...uh, no, we're not keeping it!

Then after quite some time, we can only assume that it was his brothers and sisters that were hollering at him to "quit talking to strangers"... s/he flew off with them!

We just love watching/feeding the birds around us! Nature study up close and personal is so much more memorable; isn't it?!?

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