Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sale at Bath & Body Works!

Woohoo! Bath & Body Works is having a sale on their soaps (5 for $10!), and after this last shopping trip there, I just have to "write home about it!"
Yesterday morning, I was just getting ready to walk out the door to run errands (and getting soap at B&B was on my 'to do' list!) I received an email from B&B letting me know that their soaps were on sale...and they have some really great new scents too! So... it's worth mentioning that in my wallet I've had a little conglomeration of different discount cards and/or coupons for Bath & Body Works, and I was able to use one of my discount cards (save $10 when spending $30) and even had another one to give to the lady that was shopping beside me (although I was a cheerful giver then, I wish now that I hadn't done that! Urgh...for some reason I have a neon sign on my forehead that people see; they speak to me and tell me their life story [they do it to my sister too!], and before I know it I'm giving away my stuff! But I know she was appreciative, and I've already asked God to replace it!)
Soooo I bought 15 soaps for $21.85...that's $1.46 per bottle of soap!
Woohoo...that made my day!


wbtrice said...

You think the sale is still going on? Congrats for a great deal!

Nikki said...

Keep up the good work.