Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy cinco de mayo!

Today is the day that marks the anniversary of our life here on earth without our dear Alal. It's still so hard to believe! It was two years ago today that I had everything prepared for a 'cinco de mayo' party (using her recipes!) and then received the phone call that she had passed away. That day Mom and Aunt Jan convinced me to go on with our party arrangements, so we did; thus, we've begun a tradition...and this weekend has been the third cinco de mayo that we've prepared only some of her amazing recipes...her spinach enchiladas (always a HUGE hit!) and her yummy 7-layer dip!

So Saturday night, Kendall and I (along with our wonderful husbands, Eric and Shelley!) had a "tres de mayo" at their was a lot of fun! We sent out our invitations and began cooking. She and I both love to entertain, so the evening really came together quite easily! After lots of yummy appetizers, we enjoyed Alal's spinach enchiladas, black beans with green onions and lots of lime, and spanish rice. We followed that with a simple dish of vanilla ice cream and toasted coconut and/or spanish peanuts for toppings. It was all so good! After dinner, my girlfriend Maria and her son taught us some latin dances (they're cuban... with lots of moves!), and the two of them along with Rena Carolyn put us all to shame...whew...they're all good dancers! Kendall, Macy, and I danced a little and then did a special judging of a "Dancing with the Bizarres" competition. As soon as Annie heard we were about to judge, she ran and grabbed something for a microphone, stood up on a step and announced, "Will the judges please reveal their scores?!?" It was absolutely hysterical!

And this morning our good friends the Caballeros invited us to go to a new restaurant with them to celebrate cinco de mayo. They're from Columbia and have told us of this great, new place here in town. We're really looking forward to experiencing far they've only described it as "really authentic" and "a hole in the wall"! Can't wait to try it...some of the best unknown restaurants are "holes in the walls"!

Now if I can only get a video of Tressie doing the macarena for you!

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