Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fossils, milkin' goats, and plastic surgery!

Yesterday proved to be a long, long day! It was a wonderful one...filled with wonder in God's creation as well as amazement in God's protection and healing.
Our homeschool group went on a fieldtrip to our good friends' home, the Colemans, who live on the side of the mountain. (When one is given directions to their home for the first time, one is warned about the first steep hill in their driveway...then, they are warned about the second hill, which is steeper! 'How they ever built their beautiful home' and 'how they paved the drive going up to it' is beyond me!)
We spent a wonderful afternoon hunting for fossils, which their oldest son described to us in his presentation.
After we hunted fossils, many of us ended up in the barn checking out the Coleman's animals...we were all in awe! The baby goats were just too cute...and we all were able to take a turn milking one of the momma of my life dreams! (I can check that one off of my list! It was so much fun! When I was a little girl, one of my all-time-favorite books was about a young girl and her kid-goat! She loved him so and took him every where, so ever since then I've been in love with them as well!) And of course, Annie enjoyed milking them just as much as I did!

After we enjoyed playing with the animals in their beautiful barn (their entire property is beautiful!), we all went inside and washed up for some yummy snacks. While everyone was enjoying visiting and eating with one another, the children continued to play...and one of us had a little mishap...poor Bennett S. fell while running down the driveway...he took a really bad fall. So badly that his momma had to rush him to the ER. The poor guy was terribly frightened (we all were!), but I found it amazing the way God had everything in place...everyone came together so quickly... got Betsy's car ready, her children farmed out to others, her hubby on the phone to meet her at the hospital, and they were gone! It was just so wonderful to see everyone come together so orderly to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time...and I especially found it inspiring to hear the little children praying for him. It shows the fruits of their little spirits...real faith in our great God!
After everything settled down, some stayed to continue visiting and playing, and I began to pack up our things...we had Betsy's youngest with us (such a treat for us!), and while I was packing everything in the car, I misplaced my keys (urgh!), so I continued packing up and also looking everywhere for my keys! 'All the while' the car doors were open, and the lights were evidently also on, so my battery went dead! Aghhh! I didn't need this! But my dad would be soooo proud of me! With all of the commotion going on, I asked Macy to check in the trunk for the jumper cables, and I went and asked my girlfriend if I could jump off her car...and I did it! 'Almost' completely by myself! I'm embarrassed to say that i couldn't get the hood opened, so the Coleman's oldest son helped me with that, and together we got my car back up'n'running!
Thankfully, it was time for Ricci to come home from work, so he arrived at home shortly after we did. And later that evening while Bennett was in surgery with a plastic surgeon (his wonderful dad was with him at the hospital), Betsy came by to get Isaac, and she stayed for a while during their oldest son's baseball game; we gave her something to drink and some dark chocolate, and she had a chance to unwind! It was good to be able to see her relaxed!
Whew...what a day!

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