Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A quiet but fun Memorial day!

Time is certainly fa-lying! Where does it go? The older I seem to get... the faster time seems to pick up speed! So when Memorial Day sneaked up on us (granted...it was early this year), we were more than content to choose to stay at home and finish up projects that need it! So on the Wednesday prior to the 3-day weekend, we started in on our dear daddy to "Please stay at home on Friday too!" So on Thursday night, when he came home from work, we happily began our four-day weekend! And Friday was spent having a leisurely lunch (at our favorite Mexican restaurant!), running errands around town, and doing a little shopping that we don't normally have the time to do. Then after 'sleeping in' on Saturday, we completed quite a few projects around the house...what a treat to mark those off the checklist(s)! And Sunday was church and a lovely bridal shower for my dear friend Ivey, who's getting married in a couple of Saturdays....can't wait for the big day, Ivey!
Then our most coveted day of all...our official holiday, Memorial Day! Another quiet day at home to continue wrapping up our projects...then our good friends, the Newtons, invited us out for some yummy barbecue and a movie! So we finished up our Cinderella Monday, got dressed up and hit the town!
Thanks so much again, Dr. Phil and Rena Carolyn, for such a lovely evening!

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