Saturday, June 21, 2008

A fun Father's Day weekend!

I just love my parents so...and I'm ever-so-thankful that my husband feels the same for them; and my entire family loves him just the same! So back in May, we began asking them to come up here for their 2nd annual Father's day weekend! When they agreed that they would come, I warned them that I was writing them onto our calendar with Sharpie (and not pencil!), so when daddy had some oral surgery done, I told mom to finish packing his bags and get him on up here! Of course, we all felt horribly that dad didn't feel well, but we still had a great time laughing and just spending time with one another! One reason why he went ahead and came on up was because I told him that he wasn't able to see the Indiana Jones movie without me (to this day, I've never been to an Indiana Jones movie without him, and I told him that I didn't plan on starting now!), and he wanted to see it, so he just had to come on up here!

They arrived late on Thursday evening, and I did meet the poor guy as he was getting out of his car with a green-tea strawberry smoothie, and after a short visit, a quick bite to eat, we all went to bed...for we had a busy weekend ahead! After a leisurely breakfast, the fellas (and Annie) went out to the property while us gals went shopping and out to lunch at Taco Roc. After we all returned home, (poor dad!) we had him back up and out the door (pain meds and all), for that was the only evening that we would be able to go and see our movie! So after getting the girls settled, the two couples went off for a quick bite to eat at Sugar's (I really wanted Dad to try the grilled okra and the south-of-seoul slaw) before going to the movie theatre! We so enjoy each other's company, so there's no surprise that all of our laughter had my jaw aching too!

Saturday morning, we enjoyed another leisurely breakfast, and RC came over to help mom and I make some plum jelly...that was a lot of fun; we felt so domestic! Then the girls all ran off to an estate sale, which we then had to call the guys over to join us! There were some great things there, and as the sky dropped a few raindrops, the owners began to drop some prices! Woohoo! We bought quite a few treasures before heading over to a used book sale that I had wanted to be sure to get to do! Well, we arrived there late (no big surprise there!), so once again the prices were dropping drastically! So once again...we got some real deals! Since we were all a little hungry, we all drove over to Taco Roc again...and Jesús, the owner, greeted us and even took his time to go and get some tamarind for us to try (the ripened fruit is really good to eat...but I really don't care for the drink!); then the guys went off in one direction while the girls went and got some last minute things for our Father's day dinner the following day! Once we returned home, we made some more plum jelly and also some orange hummus (for Uncle Eddie for Father's day!), and once the fellas came home (I know this is awful, but...!) we dragged Dad back out the door to go and have supper with Aunt Jan and Uncle Eddie! It was great to see them (it's been almost two months since we've seen them)!

The next morning, Mimi and the girls and I served a really yummy breakfast (if I do say so myself! for the daddies out on the front porch. We gave them their gifts, and then we had to hurry to make it to church on time! Miss Craig and Rob came over for Sunday dinner, then we did spend a little time resting before heading back out the door for evening worship. Afterward, RC came over and hung out with us gals while the fellas hung out on the porch with Jason, who brought over a big spread of hors d'oeuvres and different samplings of scotch.

I hated to see the weekend come to an end; we all did! We had a great time...just spending time with one another! Perhaps I can convince daddy that he never even came...since he was having to take some pain killers for his pain...then perhaps they'll come back sooner than later! Yep...I think I'm going to at least try it!

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