Thursday, July 10, 2008

June's out! July's in!

My 'baby' is now officially 9 1/2! We're getting too close to double-digits!!! Aghh!

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Angel Wings!
Mommy and Daddy love you dearly and are sooo proud of you!

As well as my disbelief in Mae-Mae's age, I also can't believe that the summer is already more than half over! Where has time gone?!?
And as busy as June was for our family, July doesn't look much more promising for lazy days of summer! Before I knew it, we were planning our annual Pops in the Park holiday concert with friends and packing up for getting 'just the right spot' to set up our elaborate table of yummy food! (Yes, I packed everything but the kitchen sink...and my camera, so when I get photos from Kendall, I'll be sure to post them!)
Update: here are Kendall's photos!
It was a lovely Thursday evening spent with close friends, and it was also fun to run into friends that we haven't seen in a long time! And the fireworks were spectacular as always!

On the 4th of July, we thoroughly enjoyed a leisurely day with our little family, playing in the garden and running around town. We did have plans to make it out to the Dubles for their annual picnic, but we never made it...oops! That evening the Stephens, Rob & RC joined us for a little party over on the bluff to watch some fun fireworks and hear Jen Daniels play, whom our family dearly loves!
Then Saturday morning, I was awakened by a terrible realization that the pain that I had been having for a couple of days when I'd try to take a deep breath...that pain wasn't going to go away! So after trying to decide what to do, RC came and picked up the girls so Eric could take me to the hospital. Yes, they asked, "This has been going on how long and you're just now coming in here?" Well, we learned that it was just pleurisy, and I was able to go back home with some lovely horse pills (strong ibuprofen!) and some pain killer, which I still haven't taken, for you won't see me for several days! So that evening, my more-than-precious husband took care of me and the house, for the next morning we had extremely important social matters!
After church we had the pleasure of spending time with the Witchers and the Newtons, two of the sweetest families who are also getting to know one another. (E'hem) Knowing that we had had a long week (and rough evening), RC brought the yummiest blackberry and peach cobbler...and me a bunch of gorgeous roses! So sweet! And the Witchers surprised the girls with individually wrapped gifts...and one for me as well. They are all so incredibly precious! No wonder where Rob learned the gift of 'not coming to one's home empty handed'! It was like Christmas! Lunch was so delicious (and I can say so myself, for Eric did most of the work!); it's one of our favorite meals to serve...Ricci grilled the mustard-glazed pork tenderloin, and we served it with roasted potatoes with rosemary, steamed broccoli, and our usual bleu cheese mixed baby green salad; then RC, Macy, and Tress served the cobbler and ice-cream, and I was able to use my new Irish coffee mugs! Oh, it was such a fun afternoon!
So now if I can just get a deep breath, for it appears that not only June but also July's off to a bang!

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Anonymous said...

Until you have had pleurisy, you can't understand how bad the pain really is. I've had it and will be praying for you!