Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Free "Paper Sloyd" book!

Who doesn't remember creating 'cootie catchers' in elementary school?!? Wasn't that fun?!?

Well, I just learned about a much more sophisticated (ooh-la-la!) way to teach the art of paper folding, i.e. encouraging a little added touch of industrial/technical education.

I have just been introduced to a really great new site...Homeschool Freebie. And this morning when I checked the site, today's (July 23rd) download is "Paper Sloyd" by Ednah Anne Rich (in the form of a PDF ebook)! All you have to do is click here and "save as" to your computer!

In addition to finding this great book (very beautifully done in the early 1900's), there are a lot of other great books that one can download (in a PDF file) for free!

This will be a site that I'll begin checking often! For any that know me, know that when one calls something a type of 'craft' project, my blood pressure immediately starts to rise...for this is an area which I lack (not in creativity but patience!), for too many bits of paper and chaos can cause me to flip out! Yes, a little OCD comes into play!

But after saying a prayer today for patience and grace, we are going to enjoy reading "Paper Sloyd" as we embrace the art of paper folding!

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