Monday, July 21, 2008

Spending the day at Antiques Roadshow!

OH, what a fun day we had at the Antiques Roadshow! From now on, whenever I'll think of the show, I'll think of how much fun we had and just how well organized they are!

Craig and I got up at the crack of dawn, drove over to our friend's home to get our tickets (that Dan and Paula so graciously gave to us! THANK YOU!) and drove to the convention center to begin looking for a parking spot! Well, we pulled into the parking garage that wasn't full yet, parked, got our things out, and walked right in! It was as easy as that!

We never really had the opportunity to even sit down in the camping chairs that I brought for the two of us! The area was so well organized that when we walked inside, they glanced at our tickets and put us in the 8:00 row, which was the earliest time-slot. We realized that our tickets must have been specially marked since they were given to our friend by one of the producers, for everyone else's tickets were marked for a specific time (8:00, 9:00, 10:00,...), and everyone was placed in the appropriate roped-off line...which all moved rather quickly! It was so much fun to watch what everyone else had brought, how they had wrapped it to protect it, and how they were delivering it (wagon, wheelbarrow, rolling chair, etc.)! Then once we got to the top of that line, we were told to shut off all cell phones and to put away all cameras as we were escorted into another area. All of the well as the appraisers... are inside an inner circle, so each person is personally escorted to the particular line which is right on the outside of the "inner circle." So for example, one is escorted to the 'rugs & textiles' line (or a line for toys, metal works, clocks, books & manuscripts, etc.), and then one waits until it is their turn to step inside the "inner circle" where the appraisers are, and they literally spend less than 2 minutes with each person per item. So the entire process happened quite quickly, and there was never an opportunity to set our things down and/or relax, for again...each line moved rather quickly!

It was so well-organized that they spun us in, and they spun us out!

And before we knew it, we knew exactly what we were 'worth'! My great-grandmother's wedding purse was appraised at $50 due to its worn condition; yet I did learn something new...I have always been told that the fabric that has always been with the purse was the lining of the purse; however, it is actually the hat band that my great-grandfather wore at their that information makes my item priceless!

And Eric's Shakespearean book that I took for him wasn't even valued....

[Cue Debbie Downer's "Wa Wa Waaaa!"]

Urghhh...the appraiser told us that Shakespeare's books are published second-only to the Bible; so simply because of supply and demand, Shakespearean books aren't as valuable as people often think that they are! And the fact that this book once belonged to Massachusetts's attorney general in the mid 1800's wasn't important at all. I just hated coming home to tell Eric this! Oh, well, something new was learned!

And Craig's great-grandmother's crewel handiwork was valued at $450-$600! Of course, it's also priceless to her and her family!

So let me ask...what would you have taken?!?

So after we finished, we set up our chairs and enjoyed some people-watching, but the temperature was so low in that huge arena that we just couldn't stay seated for too long. We could only stand the cold for about an hour or so; then we walked around some more and entered Craig into a 'video-diary-confession' (that's only what I jokingly call it!); she went into a 'room' and stated her name, city, and a brief description about what she had brought to the show. She did an excellent job, and it was so much fun watching her and seeing and hearing the joy in her face and voice. Hopefully, they'll place her video on the TV show (to be aired in Spring 2009) or on their website...wouldn't that be great?!?

Later that evening, Eric and I and the girls had a very special dinner with two very lovely people! If they aren't perfect for one another, then knock me over now! The evening was such a sweet, sweet time! It has been sooo amazing to watch God's hand in both of their lives! And we can't wait to see Him continue to reveal His plan to them both!


brite said...

Wow! What a great friend you are! Glad you had fun even if your stuff was only valuable in your eyes. ;-)

Anonymous said...

What a memory! I'd love to do that! It would be hard to decide what to take though. Love the tv show!