Monday, May 21, 2007

Plain, 'Ole Momma!

One morning after we had finished some house and schoolwork, the girls and I went to the mall to exchange/return a few things, and while we were in Belk I saw a door that led into a small room (rather a large closet!) that had nothing but racks of shoes (only for the left foot) heavily discounted. So as I began to shop in my size, the girls naturally began to pick up shoes that "they" thought were their size. [I can clearly remember wearing Alal's high heel shoes and thinking that they were the right fit, so I thought there was no harm in allowing them to shop as have to understand that this room was not in the best order...nothing was in its place, so one needed to have some time sorting anyway to find an appropriate shoe!] And was fun to watch what shoes each girl picked revealed a lot about their personalities! It was also fun to hear the girls' critiquing one another's selections! There were not too many other people in the room/closet with us, so I enjoyed watching the girls while we continued to try on right shoe after right shoe. Then Annie shouted, "Momma, those shoes aren't for're just a plain, 'ole momma!" So of course, everyone that was in the room/closet turned around to see what I was wearing....she was right, they didn't look good on me. Thankfully, I did find the perfect Aigners which were originally $89 were discounted to $16! Woohoo!

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