Friday, June 01, 2007

A most memorable Mother's Day!

The Friday afternoon before Mother's Day, I answered the phone to hear a lady asking to speak to.... Macy, so I gave Macy the phone and watched her slowly walk into the other if for privacy. I overheard her say, "Yes, ma'am! Oh! Thank you! Yes, ma'am! Wow! Thank you! May I have my daddy call you back? Thank you! Bye!"
It was then obvious that she was successfully scheming...after all, she had been looking at her calendar for the past month and then letting me know 'how many more days it was until Mother's Day'!
She then asked for permission to call her daddy, and then she once more walked into another room...again, as if for privacy. She spoke to him and then hung up the phone.
The phone rang again a little later, and it was daddy telling her to get ready, for he would come home and pick her up...they had a little errand.
All the while, Macy was fully gleaming with pride and excitement. She later left with her daddy and then returned with an even bigger grin...perhaps she'd tell me now...I couldn't wait until Sunday morning...and she certainly couldn't either!
I watched her hop out of the back of her daddy's car, as she gleefully ran up to me saying, "I was a runner up! I won a contest, Mommy! I won a gift bag for you from the Mtn. Escape Spa!"
She then handed me the gift bag along with the sweetest essay that has ever been written...
Why My Mother is So Special
By Macy C.
age 8

My mommy is special because she makes my life special. She loves me very much.
She is my teacher, she is my best friend. She teaches me my school lessons, but also teaches me how to sew, how to cook, how to take care of a family, and what the best kind of chocolate is.
She has taught me how to love other people, especially those who may not feel loved all the time.
My mommy tries to make each day as fun and interesting as it can be. She makes sure our birthdays are extra special, and even celebrates my half birthday because mine is so close to Christmas.
She tries to be the best mother she can, but I think she already is.
She makes me want to be a mother just like she is.

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