Thursday, October 04, 2007

Yummy fingernail polish!

Last Sunday we had some new friends over for lunch...Chet and Erin H. along with their new baby Harkins (or baby Hutch, as I seem to always call him!) as well as Ed and Erma C. with their son Daniel (who is a hoot!) and Ed's father, SeƱor Ephraim, who is "Annie's new best friend."

We had roast, cous cous, green beans w/ almonds, baby carrots, and E's delicious yeast rolls. Then for dessert, I served a new recipe that i made up for Bourbon Bread Pudding with a wonderful whiskey sauce. It seemed to be a big hit with everyone, and some even went for seconds...including the girls, to whom I had gladly given just the bread pudding; however, they were intrigued by the sauce that was being passed back and forth, and I explained to them that it was something that they most likely wouldn't care to have. And little Annie (who thinks that Sprite is too "spicy") I gave her a teaspoon of the sauce onto her bread pudding, and she whispered to me, " tastes like fingernail polish!"

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Brite said...

Finally home from our Christmas travels, with a few minutes for my favorite blogs. Okay, no time for blogs. But I can't unpack and do laundry ALL day long without an occasional stop for something interesting. :) Check out to see if your bread pudding looks like her recipe. They sound similar, and hers is out of this world. Who knows, maybe your next blog can be all about food and be a smashing hit like the Pioneer Woman! (You could be "The Mountain Woman.") :) -HBT