Saturday, November 29, 2008

National News Alert - Craig turns down trip to Walgreens!

National News Alert - Craig turns down trip to Walgreens!

On Friday ( was just on Wednesday...I'm so tired, I don't know what today is), as I was finishing up a newsletter that I'd been working on here and there, I kept getting odd phone calls from a sweet friend...and I offered to run her down to Walgreens and the grocery store with us...she turned it down! Then after getting a call from her daughter, we went over there to check on our sweet friend, and she really wasn't herself; she was extremely weak and dizzy. So after talking to Julie, a friend that's a cardiac nurse, we decided it would be best to go ahead and "go on to the hospital to get checked out."

Well, in true Miss Craig fashion, (I just have to paint this story, for it's hysterical!), she certainly didn't want to put anyone out by taking up any more of our time, but after we convinced her that it was the right thing to do, she said, "Well, what do you think I should wear?" We told her that she looked fine wearing what she was (it looked comfy to me!), and she said that she would be right back...she was going to change her clothes regardless. So Julie took our girls with her (a huge treat to them!), and after Ricci and I waited for Miss Craig for a minute or so, I went to check on her...and she had completely changed her clothes from head to toe!

She dressed as if she was going to a Christmas cantata...after just the right outfit was assembled, then we had to pick out just the right pin to put in her lapel, her favorite perfume, grab some new tic-tacs and then pick out the Fall-season Kleenex! Although I was really anxious to get her to the ER, it was hysterical and I couldn't help but laugh at her! She does remind me all too much of someone else!

I'm thankful that God was faithful in allowing us to get down there to the ER in our timely fashion (key word "fashion" not "timely"), for when we got there, they took her immediately in, for her heart rate was really high (an understatement)! After a really long afternoon/evening in the ER, they finally admitted her to the hospital, for her heart was still in fibrillation.

I will never/ever forget how immensely kind she was...even when they had so many failures getting two IVs started, she'd sweetly say, "I know; you're doing the best job that you can do." Then there was the common unenthusiastic but still cheerful, "Oh, happy day." She was continuously so kind, sweet and gentle to everyone, even though she wasn't feeling well at all. After 8 hours of staying in the ER, she was taken to another floor for a couple of hours before being admitted into her own room. Bless her heart, her kind, sweet, gentle, appreciative spirit never once left her; she is such an inspiration to all.

After Ricci saw that we were settled, he went on home to get a couple hours of sleep before retrieving the girls...who were enjoying their sweet digs...especially Annie, who came home with a gorgeous brown egg laying sweetly in a make-shift baby bed of hay and straw, and she excitedly told us that she also brought home some fresh goat's milk that she would feed to her baby chick once it hatched! Thanks, Jen and Julie!

This afternoon, her son Paul came to be with her, and I'm just now getting back home (I know that she'd do that for any of us in a heartbeat), and it was a real honor...but I'm exhausted! Ricci's mom graciously offered to move the family's Thanksgiving celebration to tomorrow (Friday), so we'll be driving down to be with them tomorrow...after a good night's sleep!


Mamosa said...

That's so sweet of you! Good call on taking her to the E.R.!

Christina said...

You are such a sweet friend.:)