Saturday, July 04, 2009

Pride Goeth Before A Fall!

As if this saying couldn't be true enough...pride definitely goeth before a fall...we just hope that it doesn't happen in front of others!

Ever since the girls were itty-bitty and ready to have some fun... whenever we have taken them to Sams, we'd put one girl in the back of the buggy, another in the floppy seat (man, I miss those days!), and one girl in the stroller. And as soon as the girls were old enough, they'd say, "Faster, momma/daddy, faster!" And off we'd go in a race to see who could go through the entrance doors faster...the grocery buggy or the stroller?!?

Now as the girls are older, we're still occasionally seen racing to see who can make it inside the store the first....often it's a mad dash at the last second. Yesterday went no differently!

Being the day before a holiday, the parking lot at Sams was JAM-packed! So once we found an appropriate (first!) parking spot, we unloaded the car and proceeded to walk through the mass of people going/coming! Ricci, Cricket, and Lovey were walking ahead while AngelWings and I closely never crossing any of our minds, for I'm telling you...I've never seen so many people at Sams! Then I noticed that every couple of seconds, Lovey would look back at us and smile...I just thought she was sweetly keeping up with knowing that we were still there. Then as we got closer and closer to the entrance doors, her grin grew larger...and I knew what she was up to. So I whispered to AngelWings, "Come'on...let's beat 'em!" And off we went trying to make our mad dash around them...not even being respectful of the others also trying to enter Sams...yes, we may have taken out an unsuspecting elderly person or two, but I tell ya...the adrenaline over-took every heart-beat or care! And then there we all were...entering the store all shoulder to shoulder...neck and neck, if you will. Who was going to be able to proudly say that they were the winner?!? So with one last stride, I made it a little longer than I should have....and came down on my bum foot! OH! We were all laughing so hard and giggling with glee that it didn't appear to others that there was anything wrong...they just saw a family that was enjoying being together...hopefully! (Or just an odd grouping of ages that don't know how to act in public!) Then I tried to step out of the way of the entrance door, and there was absolutely no way that I could bear ANY weight at all on my right foot! Oh, the pain was unbearable!

In the midst of the laughter and crying (although it was painful, it still was very funny!), I just couldn't take a single step...although Ricci and the fella at the entrance kept nodding their heads toward the automatic wheelchair seats with, no thank you! I didn't want to draw any more attention to myself than I already had! And I was very thankful that no one else had been hurt in any way as our family rudely careened into the already opened doors!

So after deciding that we'd abandon all other errands and just go on home (versus the emergency room), Ricci went to get the car and pulled it as close to the building as possible, and with his help I somehow managed to get into the car. So we all just went back home, and oh...the pain, and anxious I was...we had friends' coming over to celebrate Independence Day with us the next day! We still had sooo much to do...there was still a house and yard to be readied, food to be prepared, fun party favors to create, and oh-yeah...packing for our upcoming trip! (Of course, the first thing that anyone said to me, "Oh...that's your driving foot!") I was/am fearful that God has other plans!

Once we got home, Ricci helped me upstairs...I couldn't bear ANY weight at all on my right foot, and he and the girls immediately got me set up with ice and lots of ibuprofen. I love you all so much for all of your help! (Cricket has even provided me a bell in the event that no one is upstairs with me and I need something...too precious! I like it!)

Today...I can bear 'some' weight on the front part of my foot, so I just sit here while I keep ice on my heel and field questions from my precious lovies as they are generously preparing for our party this afternoon and also being sure to attend to my every whims. I am in such awe of everyone's pulling together! The good thing in this is that those coming over this evening to celebrate with us are some of our closest friends...more like all will work out, Lord-willingly!

So today is our great country's 233rd birthday! 233 years! So many things have taken place in 233 years! In some way that seems like a very long time, but in light of other countries and their heritage, it doesn't seem like much time at all! Either way, I'm so very grateful for what we do have! And I do remember that our freedom isn't free; we must all do our parts (simple or large) to declare and protect our independence. I do pray that we all enjoy this holiday and are able to celebrate the rich heritage with which our great United States has been blessed!

I pray for our great country and those that serve and lead it.
Blessings on each of you this Independence Day!

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