Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Too many posts...too little time!

Fast-forward three months....

It seems that life has gotten so busy around her that something's gotta give...and sadly, it's been the blog...and laundry, but that's another topic!

I understand that seasons of life come and go, so for now... this season of life doesn't leave much time for too much bloggin'! I say this sadly, for I do so appreciate the archival aspect of blogging memories and photos, but I also understand that this season of life has brought more opportunities and more time/ability to seize those opportunities!

So until I find the time to post some pics and catch up a few postings from great memories we've made this summer, I think I'll post what I have for now and then hope that I can find time to do a monthly entry, but for now I'm going to have to forego the blog for a while, I think!


Bookworm said...

I'm in the same boat! Just have time to check others blogs and even then it's few and far between.

See you around sooner or later! Take care sweet bloggin' buddy!

Nekey said...

I should be doing laundry as we speak.. :)

Life with the DixieChirps said...

Great to 'see' you, Marietta! I'm afraid I haven't even taken time to check others blogs...maybe I need to stop by yours here soon to get some inspiration! We could use some good book suggestions for indoor-reading time!

Oh, Nekey! When you get a good-goin' pattern for laundry, let me know! :)