Friday, August 11, 2006

A night with the Lookouts!

What a fun but fun!

Once or twice a year, Eric's office will have the luxury box (directly behind home plate!) at the Chattanooga Lookouts! It is fun to get together and to see everyone that he works with and their families, and it is also fun to sit outside in the reserved seats and be able to go inside once we feel the need to cool off! And did I mention the food? What's a baseball game without a warm hotdog that is steaming inside a plastic sleeve and a cold drink to go with it?!? But my favorite part of the night was being able to have my mom with us, for she was in town visiting us that evening as well! The girls would probably say that their favorite part was either getting to visit with Looie the Lookout or getting to ride the tram that dropped us off at the ball park! Eric's favorite part...getting to stand in front of the air conditioner that actually spit out ice crystals it was so cold! We're already looking forward to next year! Oh...yes, the Lookouts the 10th inning!

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