Sunday, August 20, 2006

Too much to cook/garden; too little time!

It's five minutes until 1AM, and I shouldn't still be up! Tomorrow is the Lord's Day, and our church is expecting many returning college students, so the church families are preparing lunch for everyone after morning worship! And I highly doubt that other ladies are still up waiting for their sour cream pound cake (with amaretto!) to come out of the oven! So far, "we" (Eric, my sous chef, is assisting!) have completed two chicken poppyseed casseroles and two cornbread salads! (We've doubled everything, for we are also eagerly anticipating getting to take dinner tomorrow night over to one of my dearest girlfriends (Kendall) who has just given birth to "my" little boy, Carter!)
One reason why we didn't get into the kitchen earlier is that "we" were outside gardening... in the dark... in order to get some gardening pots set out by the church's front doors (for all of our visitors tomorrow!), doing so in honor of our sweet, late Alal, for she is who gave me my great love for cooking and gardening, day or night! And one reason why we didn't get started gardening earlier is for we had SO many errands to run in order to be fully prepared for beginning school on Monday! AND we were late getting to run errands for we had to go to Annie's "sign-up" day for soccer (which is going to be SO much fun for her and us)! So we have definitely had a very long day!
We've gotten Annie all set for soccer (yippee!), and we completed a very, long list of errands, which included running all over town looking for just the right planter and plants for the's still too hot for Fall plants, and it's not early enough in the year to purchase "great-looking" Summer annuals and/or perennials! But the Lord did graciously provide a perfect $.50 annual sale, and planters half off! So I feel that we did come up with a pretty gardening container...until we can get some Fall plants! So they looked pretty good to Eric and the dark! I am praying that they'll look "okay" in the daylight tomorrow! So when we finished planting our plants, we did a "drive-by gardening container drop off" at the church under the dark of night! (The poor girls sat in their jammies in the van having a great time watching mommy and daddy tripping all over the place and especially getting to see Mommy scream like a little girl when a HUGE toad jumped toward me and into my path!) After that, we delivered a welcome basket to a new college student, and now we're at home, with several meals prepared and the house smelling GREAT! So now I'm off to check on my pound cake, and then Lord-willing off to bed!

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Anonymous said...

What a day.....and night!!!!!
Aunt Losi