Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to school!

Well, we've already begun our school year...we generally begin the day after Labor Day! But this year, we wanted to begin earlier...and we've had a WONDERFUL week! I can't believe that it's already over! We're actually looking forward to next week, for then we'll be a little bit more "in the swing of things"!

To begin with a "fresh slate" this year, we re-organized our family room (which is where we get our seatwork done) and have created lots of checklists, which our girls LOVE like their mommy LOVES...and even daddy has grown to love!

Who doesn't have a successful feeling wash over them when they get to cross something off of their checklist?!?

And although Monday morning's schedule isn't quite yet "flawless," we did at least get a day of "orientation" done! I came into the family room, and the girls were lined up fully dressed and proudly wearing backpacks (under the thoughtful guidance of big sister!) and harmoniously saying, "Good morning, Mrs. Chandler!" And their daddy had written on a board, "Welcome back, students!" It was too cute!

On Tuesday morning we really got down to business and were finished by 1:30, so we still had time to spend a lazy, summer day at the pool with friends!

Now, it's Wednesday, and we're actually getting ahead of our schedule! What a wonderful, great feeling!

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