Thursday, September 13, 2007

Nature Study - Charlotte Mason Style!

Here are a few tips that I have learned and wish to better incorporate into our nature study, as Charlotte Mason would have approved!

1. Scheduling more regular time outdoors and encouraging a spirit of investigation.
2. Encouraging the girls to try to figure out answers to their questions rather than expecting me to do all the reasoning for them.
3. When answering their questions, make the answer living—not just facts from a textbook.
4. Not to overwhelm them with too much scientific terminology too soon.
5. By giving direction, sympathy, encouragement, and helping with experiments.
6. By teaching science through a combination of nature study, laboratory work (uh... albeit, that's daddy's department!), and living books, using both random and structured studies.
7. Remembering that dabbling in random scientific information is not the same as learning careful observation and understanding.
8. By not showing my fear and/or distaste of something that interests my children.
9. By sharing their wonder and admiration for their nature discoveries.
10. By my constant learning about science and nature so I will have information to give them as they desire it.


Anonymous said...

My children cant tell you that I am sometimes more excited about learning things than they seem to be...I love to stumble upon something and nature and try to learn about it. We have field guides of insects, trees, and snakes, and I keep a list of unusual bird sightings. All these things seem in vain sometimes until you overhear your children talking to other children and being surprised that they know things the children in "school" never notice...not that they might not know the "terminology" but they are not passionate, or excited or observant and amazed at the Creation. LWK

Anonymous said...

Can I change that to CAN? LOL! LWK

Anonymous said...

Ok, so there are a few typos, people keep asking me questions over here so I am multi-tasking, and evidently, not very well!LWK