Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Brody's first vacation...Labor Day weekend!

Well, I've finally been allowed to ride in the car...I was a little nervous at first while riding around without a strap around me like my family was riding, so they finally pulled over and helped me into my crate, and I slept all the way to our destination...I had to rest up for my first vacation...ever! Once we arrived, I excitedly jumped out to greet my favorite cousin, Buddy, whom we lovingly call Prince Snarles!

Let's go over the rules one more time, for that's a long way down!

After a long day of following this bucket'o'fun, several romps under the bridge and getting to lap water out of the creek with my cousin Prince Snarles, I had to enjoy my first over-night vacation! After all, it's a hard time keepin' up with all of my gals, and I was ready for an evening of relaxation! But did I hear someone say, "Who wants a treat?"

What would stayin' at Aunt Jan and Uncle Eddie's be without a midnight snack?!?


Anonymous said...

Hey Brody! I love the photo of us under the bridge! Did you know that the bridge we played under if gone now? When you come back for a visit, I'll show you how to get down under the new bridge. I think there's more water for us to drink now. Come back soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Buddy!
I can't wait to see your new bridge! More rompin' for us to do! Ruf! Ruf!
Hey...I'll make a deal with you...if you show me how to get down there under the new bridge, I'll let you catch the first tennis ball ALL by yourself! Now, I did say, "Just the first tennisball!" After that, last one there's a rotten egg!
I hope you're feelin' better soon! We're prayin' for ya!
Love you!