Saturday, December 27, 2008

You mean it's all over?!?

You mean it's all over?!? It seems like it was just yesterday that we put up our Christmas trees (one white Christmas tree in the living room and one colored Birthday tree in the family keep presents separated, of course!) and that my parents arrived for the girls' Christmas pageant (e'hem, Tiffy, pics?!?), ... then (as my life seems to enjoy!) we hit the super-speed time warp, and BAM...everyone was packing up to leave! Although it did seem like a whirlwind (and it was!) what a fun time it was!
  • Advent readings
  • Cooking yummy foods
  • Celebrating several family members' birthdays!
  • Meems and P-Daddy watched the girls Sunday evening when Ricci and I ran to friends' Christmas party...thanks again, M & P!
  • Last minute gift deliveries to close friends and neighbors (not that they're not one and the same!)
  • Spending one day driving around looking at houses/ search of a specific plantation home (that I want Meems and P-Daddy to buy!)
  • Last minute shopping in all of the craziness (I know some hate it, but I love it...every one is so cheerful and has a common goal, making their house a home for friends and family!
  • Awaiting more fam to arrive
  • Opening up our stockings on Christmas Eve!
  • Sending out my sweet brother'n'law to look for that dern ingredient that always seems to sneak up on me missing....thanks, N!!! You're the best! "Ta! Ta!"
  • Opening up Christmas gifts and watching others open their gifts! (I did receive a gift from my daddy that will be a gift to last generations...I can't believe it...thanks, Daddy!)
  • Spending Boxing Day with more fam
  • And celebrating my parents' 40th wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary!

Yes, sadly today everyone packed up and left...after celebrating two more birthdays (Happy Birthday, AngelWings and PawPaw!), and the house is once again quiet (relatively speaking!)...and we've all gone into detoxification! Even the dog!

Thankfully, the Lord is weaning us off of our high from the holidays, for tomorrow we're expecting friends that we sadly 'allowed' to move away this summer!


liz said...

We have a Christmas birthday, too... my oldest turned 13 Christmas Day. I never thought of having a "birthday tree"! Interesting idea!

Dee Dee said...

I really enjoy reading your blogs. It makes me miss you though. I'm glad to hear that you had a blessed Christmas. You being with family lets me know that you know what's important. And I love the Birthday tree. What an awesome idea. Love ya

mom2dixiechirps said...

Liz, your oldest is now 13?!? Time flies; doesn't it?!?

Dee Dee, I miss you too!

Yep...the Christmas tree is a live tree, while the Birthday tree is a "faux" tree that has really saved us from some true freak-out"No! Don't open that's for your birthday!" And it also allows our birthday peeps to know that we try not to let Christmas overshadow their birthdays! I try! We do also celebrate 1/2 birthdays around here! You should see the looks on others' faces when one of the girls tells them that we're celebrating a 1/2 birthday! It's funny to find that most always say, " birthday's in December too...I wanna celebrate my 1/2 birthday also!"

Carolyn said...

Hey Steph!

I'm dying to know what your father got you that will last for generations. I love presents like that since I'm such a sentimental person...and love things that become priceless family treasures.

My grandson, Jack calls the little bear headed blanket he sleeps with his "lovey". What a precious name for you little one!

mom2dixiechirps said...

Hey there, Carolyn! I'll call ya to give you all the details...too many to mention!
Yep...I think we're both a little on the sentimental side!!!