Saturday, December 27, 2008

...and her new double-barrel shotgun!

Christmas day was lovely and the evening itself was quite a treat! Since we did have quite a few extra bodies than we had beds, we settled the children onto pallets (quite cozy ones, I'll add!) And it was such a treat to watch the children go to bed with what new gifts they treasured! (If that's not all-telling, then what is?!?)

There was one child in particular that was the most interesting to watch (I won't tell you which child it is, for I'm sure that you can guess)! She went to sleep with a water bottle (in case she "grew thirsty during the night"), a lantern (that Pawpaw gave her Daddy), her new Bible (we give our children their own grown-up NKJ Bible when they fully master and enjoy reading), her new lovey (Mimi managed to secure the only "Brownie" replacement available in the US),... and her new double-barrel shotgun, should there be any bad guys! Yes, of course, it's a toy, but our little Annie Oakley is so cute!

The morning after Christmas, my mom and sister and I (with my precious baby niece in tow, of course!) ran off to steal some after-Christmas deals! And when we returned we found that our little infamous Annie Oakley had handed out all of her toy guns to her cousins and had assigned position postings to everyone! When we first walked into the house, one could have heard a pin fall. And I said to Ricci, "The house is so peaceful! I'm so thankful everything was easy for you fellas!" Then he gave me a look that implied that the house had just recently been returned to order! Evidently, there had been a show-down at the O.K. Corral, fathers, uncles and grandfathers included! How cute is that?!?

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Jonesey said...

That is cute. I had to take the musket out of Banjo's arms before he fell asleep the other night :)
She should come over here for some shoot outs.

BTW I played Annie Oakley in Annie Get your Gun in College. It was great fun to learn to shoot with blanks. I can totally relate.