Sunday, January 04, 2009

What day is it?!? / Who cares!

This week has been more than wonderful! After we had tears of sadness from our holiday visitors' returning to their homes, we got to work getting the house back together, putting a few Christmas things away, enjoying a few new Christmas gifts, writing thank you notes, etc.

It seemed that without a firm schedule, we would have to stop and wonder, "What day is it?!?" Who cared! All we knew was that it was a couple more days before Daddy had to go back to work and before our holiday vacation was over! Woohoo!

We did take time to see some Christmas lights/reindeer with friends, our annual New Year's Eve ("Pancakes and Pajamas") get together with friends and just some good'ole (greatly needed!) time to get our new thoughts together for the new year! We did some things around the house, some revamping of our school schedule, and just enjoyed being with one another!

One thing that I found while I was cleaning out my nightstand was a little note that I had written down on a piece of paper...I don't recall where I heard this wisdom...but I still think it's so wise!
Men need to know that their thoughts are respected.
Women need to know that their feelings are protected.

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