Saturday, February 07, 2009

Here today, gone tomorrow!

Last Monday was an interesting day...full of surprises! (We like good surprises!) Right as we were running out the door to meet Aunt Jan and Uncle Eddie for breakfast, the rain started turning into snow! It was so beautiful! The 'city' had already salted the roads (wahhh...please stay off of 'our' road!), so the roads were fine, and everyone was out and driving about, but it did feel so odd to be driving in it as if nothing was unusual.

The further we drove down the mountain, the snow did turn into a slushy rain, but there was still an excitement in the air! And after a lovely breakfast that Uncle Eddie and Tressie treated us to (thank you, again!), we ran to the store like all true get our milk and bread. (Honestly, we make our own bread, so we only got milk....and a few extras!) Then after dropping Ricci back off at work, and after we ran another errand or two, we headed back up the mountain. As we drove along the road that leads up the mountain, one could see that beautiful snow/ice line that sometimes appears in the is always so breathtakingly beautiful to me! And it reminds me of one reason why we live up there!

As we drove further and further up, the yards were nothing but white, and the entire mountain was still and we drove around for a bit, until the girls couldn't take it anymore and just had to get out and play in it. So I parked the car and enjoyed sitting in the warm car with the windows rolled up (to keep the snowballs from hitting me!), watching the girls play in the snow while I enjoyed the heat and made some calls to my sis, mom, grandmother, etc. (You know that snow down here is worth a call home!) Thankfully, Aunt Jan had just given the girls some fun gardening gloves, so the girls used those to keep their hands warm...thanks, Aunt Jan! After the snowballs stopped flying at me, I did get out and play for a while...'til the snowballs started flyin' again!

This is the bottom third of the huge snowman that sadly never was assembled...who knew a snowball that large could be so heavy?!? Obviously, we didn't!

AngelWing's snowman...scaled down quite a bit!

Thankfully, I had the camera in the car, for as soon as we took this photo, the temperature rose just a degree or two, and as quickly as the snow had fallen...the snow began to melt. Here today...gone tomorrow! It reminds us to be thankful for what we have...thanks, dear Lord, for that beautiful snowfall! So now we sit and await with great excitement our next 'big' snowfall!

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