Thursday, April 02, 2009

The richest bum I've ever seen...everybody has a story!

This spring the girls have taken up a new favorite past time of looking under the bridge overpasses for...bums. Yes, I've done my duty to remind them that not all have been blessed with covenantal blessings, and we've taken several opportunities to pray for them and what may or may not be going on their lives.

But yesterday when we drove down to the zoo, as we pulled slowly into their drive which takes one under the overpass, there was a huge display of lots of goods! Now, I'm telling you that there was so much that I want to go and get a picture, but I'd never do that....I'm just saying, "This is somethin' to write home 'bout!"

Driving carefully along the one-lane road, I did my first glance...tons of stuff!

Second glance...happy fella sitting in a lawn chair (may have even been an easy-boy recliner)!

Third glance...he was having a great time listening to music...oops...eye contact...and we actually waved to each other!

Cricket shouted from the back, "Wow! That's the richest bum I've ever seen!" Even though it was awkward, I'm just dyin' to go back and get another look...take him something...pose as a journalist to get his story! Yes, everybody has a story!


Does anyone remember that news segment, Everybody Has a Story, on CBS's The Early Show? It's not around anymore, but when the girls were little, it would air on Friday mornings, so I'd arrange to have someone to feed/hold at that exact time so that I could see it. (Before TIVO!)

Steve Hartman (one of my favorite journalists) became well known for his award-winning feature series, Everybody Has a Story, based on his belief in a "theory" of the same name. To prove his point, Hartman would toss a dart over his shoulder at a map of the United States, and then travel with his cameraman to wherever the dart landed. Upon arrival, Hartman would find a phone booth with a phonebook, and then, after choosing a name at random, would call that person, hoping that they would tell their "story." His adventures took him around the country, and it was amazing how people would allow him to come and interview them as they told their story. The stories that his assignment would produce were ALWAYS so emotional! I'd be sitting there either laughing, crying or both! I wish they still sent him on those special assignments!

I wish that they'd bring back that series by Steve was such a special series! Here's a link where you can view a few more, if you'd like! But get out the tissues, 'cause your either going to be crying from tears of sadness or tears of joy!

I wish Steve Hartman would call me up to get me to take him down there so that he and I could get the story of the gentleman that lives under the bridge near the zoo! Yes, everybody has a story!

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liz said...

This is the kind of thing I love! Can't wait to watch!