Saturday, June 13, 2009

"Father Knows Best!"

I have to say that I do think "Father Knows Best" in so many ways! My Heavenly Father! My earthly father! And of course, who doesn't have a glimpse of a smile come to their face when they see Jim Anderson and how he loved his family?!?

Most afternoons after school, Jen and I would watch every episode that we could of "Father Knows Best," one of our favorite childhood shows from the 50's. (I feel that I should clarify...the show was from the 50's; this childhood memory was from the 80's.) I guess a local TV station was re-airing them.

And just like Betty, Bud and Kathy, I still like to think "Father Knows Best." I have an amazing daddy; my girls have an amazing daddy... and we all have an amazing Father.

This week, I just knew that it was going to be rough to accomplish all that was going to be on our plates and we all know that humorous saying, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans." I had Him laughing hysterically this week....

Sunday night we laid our clothes out and went to bed early (well, early to us!), and we all awoke bright and early to get out the door at 8AM! That's WAY early for us! The girls were participating in a Music Camp this week...on the other side of town!

Daddy set out the Starbucks card and made sure we had everything and headed off to work. So we finished getting ready and headed out the door on time...shockingly, I know! While paying for my 'skinny, iced coffee...two pumps of mocha...hold the whip' (160 calories...yum!), I got the phone call for which we'd been waiting...we needed to make the decision as to when to return to Louisiana for a family funeral. It's a sad time, but it will be nice to see the family out there...if we go now or later!

Then we continued on to Music Camp where I dropped off the girls...oh, it's so cute to see an assembly of children excited about a new adventure! And then you should have seen the moms...excited for the same reason! After we got the kiddos settled, L and I took off for a play day just for us. All along, we kept mentioning more fun things we could do that week while the kids were busy at Camp, and I kept telling her, "Oh! I haven't even told you about Tuesday! I don't know how I'll get everything done!" So after we went back to pick up the kids, we all ran over to Taco Roc (hmmm!) for a late lunch, and she helped me create a way to accomplish 'most' of what was on my plate the following day. (Music Camp 8-12/board meeting 12-1/ setting up an event at Riverbend for Bethany 1:30-5/ helping host the event 5 'til / book club 7:30-9ish...all or most with know the type of day where you can mentally figure out how you can do it all, but if you write it down, you'd know immediately that it will never work!) Then we had to segregate the Chans from the Champs (very difficult to do!) so that we could get our girls up to their swim lessons.

And's been SO hot and humid this week! And swim lessons weren't any different! While we were there, I was fine one second, and then the next I thought I was going to pass out! Needless to say, I think I may have gotten some heat exhaustion (at least that's what I'd like to think!), for after I managed to get us all back to the car and back at home, I started to feel better after showers, some fruits and plenty of fluids! The next mornin'...not so much! I woke up not feeling too great and was "ill" for most of the day!

Yep...Father knows best! He completely took care of my to-do list...wiped it clean, in fact! And my more-than-wonderful husband picked up where I had left off! He took the girls to camp, delivered the 1000 balloon ribbons that we had cut (yes, that's another story in itself!), took care of me, made some returns for me, picked the girls back up, made supper...all the while he worked from home. The next day was more of the same while I recovered. Thank you, my love!

Thankfully, the rest of the week has gone very smoothly! We have loved every minute of Music Camp (the girls' learning all of the new songs, games and friends AND the moms' child-free shopping and lunch dates)!

Do you see what I see? Um...gum behind the ear? This child is so 'function before fashion'...and WHO ON EARTH taught her that?!?

Thank you, love, for loving me and helping me as you did this week!
Thank you, daddy, for loving us and sharing your wisdom with us!
Thank you, Father, for loving us and knowing what is best for us!


Nekey said...

Awww.. I hope you are feeling better now! How wonderful that your husband just stepped right up and took care of everything.

liz said...

Ha ha ha Gum behind the ear! My finicky ones would have a hissy fit!