Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life and Death here in the Far Country

One of our family's favorite songs and helpful reminder
Andrew Peterson's "Far Country"
Tuesday, March 26, 2013 10:31 AM

Early this morning, my sweet grandmother went to be with the Lord.  Her mother passed away six years ago almost to the day at the age of 102. Funerals at Easter time always seem to take on an even more special feeling as they remind us of life everlasting.

What a blessing and cherished responsibility it is in so many ways to be a covenantal child in the Kingdom of God and in this long lineage of Christian believers.


Friday, March 22, 2013 9:17 PM
Oh, sweet friends, I have to tell you how God has answered our prayers!!  The girls and I just returned from Nashville (Eric returned earlier for work); it was too much to text/email on my phone, nor did I have the time.

Yesterday was spent standing around my grandmother while the family all took turns crying, whispering, making sure she was comfortable, reminding her to breathe on her own while she still has the assistance of the machine, singing hymns (those that we knew with tears in our eyes and wandering minds…ha!) and comforting one another with anxious hearts/minds all while keeping the room very quiet.  After protocol was followed, most of us left the room for them to withdraw the ventilator.  Praise the Lord….we still have our Meemaw!  Albeit shallow breaths, she is breathing on her own!!

Today was a much brighter day; we’ve taken turns entertaining one another in the cafeteria and standing by her side answering her when she speaks and respectfully asking her to please not talk so that her vocal chords/breathing airways can heal.  And we just have to giggle at the comments that she says repeatedly on a loop. “I can’t get my breath.” “My mouth is dry.” It does become humorous when it’s every three seconds; we act like we’re fixing her breathing mask and offer her a miniscule piece of ice. J

We’re still far from being out of the woods, but this afternoon she was moved upstairs to a hospice room, which is fantastic!  Today I had a sweet moment alone with her and told her that I loved her and wanted God’s will to be done; I also told her that she had many praying for her. I asked her what was most specific that we could pray for her. She said, “That I can get my breath. My mouth is dry.” J  I told her that I would be asking for that very thing.  So please do continue to pray for our Jessie Pearl to be able to get her breath and for safety as we travel back and forth!

Love to you all! 

Monday, March 18, 2013 12:11 PM

To our small group and friends:

This past week my grandmother was placed in ICU in Nashville with an extreme infection in her lungs.  Last night she was put on a ventilator.  During the night they did a CT scan which showed that the lining in her lungs is too thin to heal itself, so the family will be making a decision of when to take her off of the ventilator.  I think it’s especially sad, knowing that she was scared to go on the ventilator; her having been a nurse for so many years, I’m sure she knew what to expect.

She is a strong believer, and the last time we were with her the girls sweetly sang to her some of the songs that they’ve learned in choir.

I ask for prayers for our entire family but especially my father, his sister and brother.

Prayers greatly appreciated.


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