Monday, September 11, 2006

Annie's 1st "lost" tooth!

We've had an eventful afternoon...Annie lost her first baby tooth...and will probably lose the second baby tooth by the time that the day is over! Sadly, root(s) and all!

The girls were in the family room playing while I was preparing supper in the kitchen, and Tressie came running into the kitchen with her little camera and wanted me to know that Annie had been holding the strap in her mouth...then Annie came walking in the kitchen with one hand on her mouth and one hand holding out her little baby tooth...root and all! Can you piece the story together? Thankfully, we've gotten the bleeding to stop, and she's now looking and smiling about it in the mirror! Whew! She does look different!

As I'm sitting her next to her, she just exclaimed with her sweet, happy voice, "I'd been praying that I would have a wiggly tooth, and God does serve you glories [answers to prayer]!" Too funny!


Anonymous said...

This is so cute.....I love your stories ..... because I love the girls.

Aunt Losi said...

don't know how anonymous got checked......but it's Aunt Losi.