Saturday, September 16, 2006

Paintin' the town red!

Last night we had an enjoyable participating in Chattanooga's Museum Caper (museum hopping). Our little family began the evening together with dinner downtown followed by a trip to the Aquarium to see the Ocean Journey amazing! There is always something new to learn at the aquarium! Then we walked up the hill/rode a funucular (is that a Hungarian word or an American word?) to the Hunter Museum where we saw beautiful landscapes of Chattanooga from all sides of the building...but especially over the TN River. We then walked through the Hunter Mansion, which the girls really enjoyed. I was personally surprised at all of the history of Chattanooga and the South that we learned! From there we walked over to the Houston Museum where we were given an extremely informative tour of a lady's (named Annie) vast collection of glassware, ceramics, music boxes, tea sets, etc. Then we finished our evening at Rembrandt's for some fine chocolates and coffee...believe it or not, the girls were all asleep before we got home!

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