Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Molinator's Visit

Last night Macy helped Annie put her "lost" tooth in an envelope that she and Macy clearly labeled "To: The Molinator/From: Annie; Subject: Annie's 1st lost tooth." Then they carefully placed it under Annie's pillow! So early this morning, Annie came and climbed up onto our bed with the same envelope and such a sad face. She said that the Molinator had not gotten her envelope. I asked her if she had opened it to see if her tooth was still inside it. Her face lit up... and she opened the envelope to see that her tooth was gone, and instead she found a dollar bill and a dime. After a few minutes of her daddy's explaining to her that "the Molinator" gave her the dime for her tithe on Sunday, she looked at us and said, "Um...I think that I'll just do what y'all do on Sunday and just write it on paper [our checks]."
She does keep us rolling with laughter!

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