Friday, October 27, 2006

Trying to get back into the "normal" swing of things!

As wonderful as it is to be back at home, it's even more exhilarating to think of the possibility of getting back into a regular routine (dare I use the word "schedule"?), but then again...that was my plan not God's!

The girls were super excited about starting their new PE classes on the second day that we were back in town. Thankfully, we managed to make it there and then even a few errands to get stocked back up with groceries, etc. Then that evening, I think of my favorite line from a movie, "And the sky opened up, and God said, 'I hate you, Alfalfa!'" I became very ill! I can only assume that it was a result of our complete exhaustion, lack of sleep, taking care of others' not feeling well, as well as missing a couple of vitamins! So after a week of the girls' running the house themselves, Eric's coming home every day at lunchtime, and some wonderful meals prepared by a few friends, Momma's back in full swing!

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