Friday, October 27, 2006

A week at home!

Well, it was SO good to be home, but sadly we had brought home a sweet, sick little Macy. After a few days of her not recovering, we called the doctor, and he definitely wanted to see her....he had to put her on an antibiotic for strep throat, and after a few days she did begin to feel better!

October 1st came, and we celebrate Annie's 5 1/2 birthday...I can't believe it! (Most of you know that we celebrate 1/2 birthdays....two of our three children have December birthdays, so we just celebrate them all!) So for her special day, my sweet sister had arranged for her to have a horse-back riding lesson. So the girls and I picked up our sweet friend Miss Craig and then met Daddy downtown, and he drove us up to Cleveland to the horse stables. What a fun time we all had! The owner had such a loving, sweet horse name Prince to use to teach Annie (and the other girls) so many new things! At the end of the visit, she actually had Annie riding the horse and even controlling him on her own. Annie seems to be a natural rider!

Then for a fun dinner, we all went to a restaurant that we had never been to...Texas appropriate it was for us to eat there after leaving the stables! The girls had each earned a gift certificate to eat there from the library's summer reading program, and the table next to us gave us a free certificate for an appetizer, so we hit it big! Annie and her cowboy boots were quite the hit, and the hostess of the restaurant even had her sit up on a huge horse saddle to hear the entire restaurant shout a big, "Yeehaw!" for her 1/2 birthday! I'm not sure what was more fun... seeing Miss Craig having such a good time in an atmosphere like that or seeing Annie having the time of her life! She was so cute, and I'm sure that it's something that she won't forget!

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