Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Chicks, Chicks, and more Chicks!

Well, if someone didn't know me...they'd think that I had gone grainy! (is that even spelled correctly?) My "formal" dining room has lots of flower, herb and vegetable seeds growing pretty tall; two bunny rabbits; 5 chickens... well, small chicks at least; three children (nicknamed the DixieChirps by our dear K-ren); one husband; and one highly tolerant, well-balanced puppy dog! Actually, the vegetable seeds will be moving outside once the weather proves to cooperate; the bunny rabbits will be going back to my friend Christine's house (wahhh! they're so much fun and sooo sweet!); the DixieChirps and wonderful husband (he's my manly farmhand...I need him!) and the adoring puppy will be staying here! And "what-in-heaven-and-earth" (as Annie would say!) am I going to do with these sweet chicks!?!?!? Please, Lord, send a good foster family! Eric knew that he was in trouble when he came home and he saw that the girls had named them! Sunshine, Jenny, Waterbottle (?), Betty Stewart, and Rosey!

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