Saturday, January 05, 2008

Merry Christmas!

"Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse."

Being a parent on Christmas day is such a gift in itself...just being able to look at the world through your children's eyes! As soon as all of the children were awake, one could see it in their eyes, "When will we get to open some presents?!?"

Christmas morning Jen made us some wonderful cream cheese and raspberry danishes, and once we thoroughly enjoyed those, gifts were passed out, and a sea of wrapping paper, gift bags and bows were tossed everywhere!

As usual, Christmas morning was a blurr, for after a few of the new toys were thoroughly enjoyed, time snuck up on us once more! It was time to wrap up b'fast and get on with the preparations for Christmas dinner....and more family to arrive!

This Christmas (I have to say!) was a really special one, for we all just had to take turns holding our precious new little one, Ceilidh Winn (gaelic and pronounced 'Kay-Lee')! So while preparing Christmas dinner and in between stirring a sauce, chopping and dicing, we took time to handle the little bundle of joy while momma or daddy took care of something else. All the while, Mimi and I were entertained by Na-Na's musical numbers...a side note: tickets go on sale soon! If interested, contact me, his studio manager!

While we were enjoying the "sounds of the season" (with 6 grandchildren all in close quarters, we found that dad really liked to chop firewood for us...I think he was escaping...shhh!), we got a phone call from a friend in our church that had a father that Annie had invited over...well, the more the merrier! And what a treat it would be to have Señor Efrom join us. So Macy, Annie and I ran out in the sleet/rain (we considered that a white Christmas!) to get him. I'll never forget how thankful I was that we did go and get him, for he was waiting for us! He had the sweetest note written to our family and 3 gorgeous, little dolls that a family member of his in Columbia had made for our girls! We are so blessed by his kind friendship! And when we arrived back at home, Aunt Jan, Uncle Eddie, Will and Aimee were there as well!

We had a wonderful meal (ham, cornbread dressin', white rice w/ gravy, asparagus casserole (yum!), green beans w/ almonds, cranberry relish, Eric's yeast rolls (a product that has graced our table ever since he and Dad gave me my beloved KitchenAid mixer last Christmas!)...and Aunt Jan's sweet potato casserole that she makes for Eric. All of which was followed by Nate's delish decaf-coffee, our traditional ambrosia (which Mom and Macy have taken over making), and our coconut cake (with the mysterious recipe that Alal took to her grave that we are still guessing as to how to make!).

Then we have always traditionally opened up gifts with our extended family after Christmas dinner. And again...the sea of Christmas wrapping paper, bows, and bags once again grace the furniture, floor, under the furniture, etc.! It's so much fun! And I have to say that one of my favorite memories from that day was when I overheard Señor Efrom tell someone in his beautiful, Spanish accent, "Your family is so easy!" I think he's so right. Our family is so blessed by the love, respect and laughter that we all share. There is never a dull moment when we all get together, and the laughter that fills the room is truly a gift!

As the evening drew to a close, everyone began to collect there things, say their goodbyes, and we made plans to get together the following day to celebrate boxing day, beginning of kwanza, etc.

What a wonderful day and evening it was, and how great it felt to get the kitchen cleaned up (again...thanks, Mimi!), get the kiddos tucked snuggly into their beds and get into some jammies...just in time to begin our late-night chats, drinks, etc. that are always a barrel of laughs as well!

"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"

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