Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy Birthday, Macy!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday, dearest Macy!

Happy Birthday to you!

Another special day to celebrate! Again, I can't believe it's been nine years since Eric and I drove our neighbor's car to the hospital to have our first-born! Our little Christmas baby came right after a terrible ice storm hit our area, and our car was blocked in our yard with trees down every where! What an incredibly fun and memorable time of our lives! The fact that was nine years ago is rediculous!

So it was nine years ago that we had our first bundle of joy! As our tradition, we celebrated sweet Macy's birthday with a yummy breakfast at home, and we enjoyed watching her open a few gifts to let her know that we love and appreciate her. Her sisters showered her with little gifts that they had each secreatly wrapped in aluminum foil; Pawpaw gave her a beautiful aquamarine ring; Mimi gave her a cute, little black purse that I only wish I could borrow; and her daddy and I gave her a little MP3 player.

While everyone got dressed for the day, Mimi and I began to make some preparations for her birthday party when we returned home...she was having a few friends over for pizza and ice cream, so we made some cute, little chocolate lolli-pops in the shapes of pizzas.

So while the chocolates chilled, Dad took us all out to lunch to celebrate the birthday girl! Chinese~whoever would have guessed!?! Like grand-daughter! And it was sooo good!

After doing a little more after-Christmas sales shopping, the girls drove on home to work on last-minute things before party! With mom's help, for this party... I was prepared! We had everything set out and waiting for our first guest.

Everything was set out and waiting...our party favors, our pretty cupcakes with their coordinating sprinkles, all of our pizza toppings and sauces, our crustinis with artichoke-spinach pesto and cream cheese, our orzo pasta salad; we even had everyone's individual pizza doughs ready and waiting! But where were those fellas? Dad and Eric still weren't home from their little shopping spree...I'm not sure that I've ever met two other manly men that like to shop as much as these two do!

As the girls arrived, they all went to the living room and were chatting like little adults! It was so cute! And the next time that I came into the room, they were playing a game - they sooo looked and sounded like little adults! It was so cute!

After several "Where in the world are you?!?" phone calls (respectfully, of course!) the guys showed up, and we got our party started. We needed our daddy to be here to toss the pizzas in the air...not my speciality! After the girls prepared their individual pizzas, we put them into the oven and went to open gifts that Macy's sweet friends had brought her.

After enjoying their individual pizzas, cupcakes, ice-cream and lots of laughter, we bundled up and headed outside to light some fireworks!

And after passing out our party favors and saying our good-byes we began to relish the last evening that we had with Mimi and Pawpaw. Yes, it was our last evening with them visiting us this trip. Poor Mimi, I think we wore her this time she was barely holding herself up straight...the lady who claims, "I can't remember the last time that I wasn't well!" was tipping over from her cold medicine! And this was our last night having them stay with us.

What a help they were and what a wonderful time we had with them! I still cry like a baby when they pull out of the driveway! And um...I'm not the only one! You can hear the girls' crying; I try to hold back my wailing, and Eric does his best to keep his chin up!

We all get so sad to see them go...we hope and pray that one day they'll live closer! Then we can sit around and celebrate birthdays all day long! For in two more days it's Pawpaw's birthday!

Happy Birthday, dearest daddy!
Happy Birthday, dearest Macy!

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