Thursday, February 21, 2008

Don't ask her; she's just the...!

This afternoon while the girls were sitting by the fire doing their schoolwork (yet another reason to embrace homeschooling!), I overheard Annie tell Macy and Tressie to not ask me about something because she knew I wouldn't give them an answer but tell them that they'd have to ask their Daddy.
They were scheming to find out if I would give them a "yes" to allow them to all sleep in Macy's room. And somehow they've alreadly learned that "if Mommy says, 'Yes,' then Daddy will say, 'Yes'!"
Is that a self-learned lesson, for I don't know any parents who teach that, yet all children inevitably learn it!
So as Macy and Tressie continued on with their scheme, Annie had it come to a screaching hault when she adoringly/respectively said, "Don't ask her! She's just the nutrition girl, cleaning girl, and teaching girl!" Then a few moments later, "Daddy...he's the king, and he makes the decisions!"
I thought that was hysterical!


Grace said...

That is hilarious! My kids say things like that too, especially my 3yo. He knows that daddy is "the boss." It's so funny the way he says it too!

I noticed on The Lounge that you are reformed. We are too! I thought I would introduce myself. Stop by and say hi sometime!

Steve & Angela said...

I came across your blog through the a homeschool posting and thought I would stop and introduce our family. We homeschoolers can never have to many"friends" Nice to meet ya and look forward to getting to know ya :)