Friday, February 29, 2008

A haunting dream

Today Tressie was the last one to wake up, and as she came downstairs we all greeted her, yet she kept interrupting us to tell us that we mustn't forget to "go to the party!" Obviously, she had dreamed about being invited to a birthday party, for all day long she would remember that she was supposed to be at a party and ask us all to remember to be sure to take her to it! We would try not to giggle and gently explain to her that we weren't aware of a party. When she wouldn't accept our replies, we'd ask her more questions...who's birthday is it...where's the old are they...who is it?!?...etc. But she was insistent that we take her...but where and when we didn't know!

I have always found it fascinating that God created us with such vivid imaginations... granted some more than others, and He continues to provide such rhythm to the world in which we live. He didn't have to give us different seasons, cycles,..., but He did! He gave us four different seasons, day and night, and in addition to our waking and sleeping hours, He gave us vivid imaginations! And I know that we have all had a dream or two that have haunted us to this day. Thankfully for Tressie, her haunting dream is only going to be missing a birthday party!

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